Normality – sort of.

I actually woke up feeling amazing this morning – which is impressive given my poor daughter was throwing up all night 😦  She feels a lot better thankfully after – as she put it – ‘just getting it out of me’ – uuurgh!

Anyhow they are hanging out with their Dad while I go off and get rid of 5 weeks of hair and get the grays covered.  I even felt brave enough to wear jeans today!

IMG_8664 IMG_8670 IMG_8673Shoes – DSW (old) // Jeans – Zara (old) // Bag – YSL Roady (old) // T-shirt – AllSaints (recent sale purchase)



7 thoughts on “Normality – sort of.

  1. Avril Keys (@SchoolGateStyle)

    So not only do you tease me with ‘my’ shoes, you go and wear them with MY t-shirt too!! Double sob!! But the fact is, you look amazing…go girl! Is that before your hair do? It’s looking fab and I can’t see any greys! Hope Poppy gives you a better night sleep tonight Ax

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