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Belated birthday night out.

On Friday my lovely Husband got to celebrate his birthday at last.  On the 30th I was so full of a cold that we decided to postpone till I had more ‘get up and go’.  That happened on Friday.  We went to Abattoir – absolutely our favorite restaurant to dine at here in Atlanta.  There is a new chef and I was thrilled to see the steak tartare back on the menu, along with oysters.  If you’d asked me five years ago if I’d be craving raw beef and oysters I would have heaved – how tastes change!  If you get chance to go you must try the duck empanadas – they are to die for!

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to wear my Zara harem jumpsuit – unfortunately as I swaggered into the living room feeling happy with my attire, my Husband had to quickly change his plans to wear his harems – we’re not ones to go out coordinated like Posh and Becks:)

As it was his birthday I decided not to wear a tank underneath and show a little cleavage.  I don’t think he noticed…though he did notice my fabulous new AllSaints Monument jacket.  I ADORE this coat – it’s so versatile and warm.





Shoes – Nine West (old) // Clutch – Boden Canonbury clutch // Jumpsuit – Zara // Jacket – AllSaints Monument jacket

He even got his birthday cake – thank you Abattoir for another stella night.


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Mall shopping.

It’s rare that I head to the Mall – especially on a Saturday.  Normally it is just too chaotic and uninspiring to bother.  Worse still when the Falcons are at home Lenox Mall can be packed to the seams with visitors so I tend to veer clear.  However, this morning my Husband suggested I had some time to myself while he took the children and his Dad for a long walk along the river with the dog.  Well I’m not going to say no am I?

After creating my wish lists over the past week I knew I wanted to step into Zara in particular to see if they had any of the jackets I’d been lusting after online.  Surprisingly they did, so first I tried the TRF biker jacket.  I am on the look out for a simple black biker jacket and thought this might fit the bill nicely.  However, I’m always wary of pleather trim – the quality can vary dramatically.  TRF sizing is normally TINY – I always need a large in the jackets – except for today.  The large was huge – but on trying the medium that was too snug in the shoulders.  Still it was quite a nice jacket – lovely soft fabric and the pleather is not too bad at all.  If the fit was right I may have walked out with it – I still really like it looking at the photo.



Next I tried on the TRF sheepskin jacket.  This was definitely going to be on my order list but now I’ve seen it in real life I’ve changed my mind.  I thought it looked pretty cheap and the lining shed every where – all over my black dress!  Again the sleeves were really long in the large size.



I was also going to try this and took it to the changing rooms but once I saw how much fluff this was leaving every where too I quickly placed it back on the rack.

checked coat

My final try on in Zara was this sweatshirt.  It must have been a return as there was only one in the store.  I really liked it but the fur had been stitched down in one spot on the neckline so it looked odd.


I left Zara contemplating why I was in there in the first place.  I have so much Zara in my closet now and I know much of it was bought on a whim, or because the price was good.  At 42 should I really be spending my money on quick fixes – especially when it comes to coats and jackets?  Again I wondered why my rationale when it comes to boots is so different from other items of clothes?  What makes it so easy for me to buy a pair of Newbury boots and yet be reluctant to spend more than $200 on a coat?

While I mulled this over I decided to head over to Bloomingdale’s to see if Charlie was working at the AllSaints concession.  This week I’d had a quick look at the AllSaints site to check out their pricing – it is significantly higher than Zara.  I am still trying to understand their strategy.  In the UK they are a high street brand, but their prices are so high in comparison to other high street brands.  Here in the US they are fortunate that they are well differentiated, offering edgy designs that few other high street/mall brands can compete with.  Their quality also tends to be exceptional – in my opinion anyway!  Still I think they are expensive and I always need to be strategic when buying AllSaints.

I ended up trying on the Monument Jacket with leather sleeves.  I have wanted an AllSaints Monument coat for so long now and have never been able to justify it.  Partly because most are a longer style and warm for Atlanta, and then also because of the pricing – they’re not cheap!  The shorter jacket is stunning – gorgeous wool with perfect leather sleeves.  It fits snug which I find really unusual for AllSaints.  This is the UK 14.



As I stood looking in the mirror, slowly falling deeper and deeper in love with it, I realized that all the jackets that I have on my wish list, plus a couple that are still hanging in the closet with tags on them, amount to more than the price of the Monument jacket.  With that sudden realization the deal was done.  The Monument jacket is now mine.  Investment vs. instant gratification.

As is this sweatshirt



No more purchases from Zara for a while – the gratification I got from these more considered purchases was far greater.

Yesterday I had my roots done and my hair shaped by fabulous Lauren at Plum Salon – it’s always such a treat to go there – I could chat to Lauren for hours!  These trousers were a complete deal off eBay – $18 off a seller in China and they were free shipping and arrived within 2 weeks!  I wore a black TopShop cami with them.

IMG_4567I realized today it’s yet more black and leopard print.  The dress is the cold shoulder, batwing dress from Asos, the sandals are Nine West and the belt is Jessica Simpson from Zappos.



Oh I almost forgot – remember the Ted Baker dress that Avril sent to me?  Well look what I saw today – more gorgeous London taxi dresses along with phone cases, scarves, bags and sweaters – just DIVINE and great gifts!

IMG_4580 IMG_4579

Okay – now off for a lovely lunch out with my Father-in-law and then I’m cooking shrimp and grits tonight – it’s a major diet fail over the next week or so!

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