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Oil pulling.

I am turning granola.  Well I’m at least becoming more ‘green’ friendly and more aware of pollutants entering the temple that is my body.  I suddenly realized this just the other day when Avril was telling me to stop using Bio Oil as it is a mineral oil full of rubbish stuff that will actually dry my skin out.  Rosehip Oil apparently is the way to go – so I have just ordered some from Amazon to give it a whirl as a night treatment.

The other ‘treatment’ I started doing regularly just a few weeks ago may make you feel queasy – but I assure you it is fabulous and you will notice a difference too.  Oral health is really important – not just to prevent tooth decay and bad breath – but gum disease has also been shown to raise the incidence of heart disease and premature birth/miscarriage.  I am REALLY OCD about my teeth, especially after orthodontic treatments as a child and adult.  I want to keep my teeth around forever thank you.  In the past I have used a mouth wash for whitening, freshening and rinsing after brushing.  Mouthwash can be really harsh and has brought tears to my eyes in the past – plus read the label – I dare you – so many chemicals!  Anyway I was reading about juicing (see I am turning granola…) and stumbled across an article about oil pulling.  Bear with me.  Using an organic oil – I prefer coconut oil – you just swill it in your mouth, like with mouthwash, only for a bit longer, about 15mins.  Coconut oil can be a bit intimidating as it is solid at room temperature – but trust me – take a tablespoon in your mouth and it will turn liquid at body temperature.  It tastes fabulous – just like coconut – no surprise there really.  Ok so what does swilling oil do?  Well to a scientist, ah hem, like myself, it makes perfect sense.  The oil ‘pulls’ toxins and bacteria from the teeth and gums.  Remember hydrophilic and hydrophobic at school?  Well all the rubbish stuff in your mouth is actually quite oil friendly (feel free to switch off here, but I used to use oil in my research to separate certain proteins – some liked oil and some didn’t).  So the theory is that oil pulling every morning or every other day will remove all the rubbish from your mouth.  Avoid swallowing it as it is now full of toxins, and spit it in the bin or down the loo as it will block your sink drains!  I swear it has been beneficial – and much more pleasant than mouth wash.  Others say it not only freshens breath, whitens teeth and helps oral hygiene but can also aid a more restful sleep and diminish arthritic pain – true detoxification.  Give it a go and let me know what you think.  It’s now part of my morning routine – and I actually ‘swill’ while showering every morning.

It’s Hugh’s birthday today so we’re both hanging out together.  It’s the last time I’ll be able to take him out of school on his birthday.  The new drum kit seems to have been a hit (groan – no pun intended) – at least with me and Poppy – one of us WILL tour with Jack White.

IMG_3309 IMG_3311

I had to nip into Zara to take a couple of things back – poor Hugh got dragged along too but he gave me 10 mins to try a couple of t-shirts that didn’t come home with me.



Boots – Rag & Bone charcoal suede Newburys // Trousers – Dorothy Perkins coated jeggings // Knitted tunic – H&M (old) // Coat – Boden Iona coat (only $97 in clearance!) // Scarf – Marks & Spencer bicycle scarf


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I want a drum kit.

In fact I need a drum kit – do you know why?  I am going to be Jack White’s new drummer.  In my dreams.  He was unbe-freakin-lievable last night.  His all girl band were also pretty darn good – and I was mesmerized with his drummer.  She has the coolest job around as far as I am concerned.  Jack’s stage presence was amazing.  We had fabulous seats and could see everything.  He moved around the stage with such energy thrashing out hits from Blunderbuss and finishing with ‘Seven Nation Army’ which the audience went wild for – especially me.

All the way through the show I couldn’t help thinking how tall Jack is – but on mentioning this to MM his theory is that he is actually only 5ft and surrounds himself with short women to make him look tall, conjuring all sorts of Spinal Tap Stonehenge images for me:)

An amazing night and my ears are still ringing.

Here are my outfits from yesterday – I was off work as my daughter was still on Fall break – but it was really chilly here so time for the knee length boots to make an appearance!  The jeans are Primark, jumper is the AllSaints Godiva jumper, and the boots are Vince Camuto Autumn which unfortunately I can no longer locate on the website.

For the gig I went AllSaints again – Delors pipe leather trousers, Phinius top (both from 2010) and then I decided to match my shoes to my hair with my Sam Edelman Petty boots in British Burgundy:)

I Love Jack White

And the verdict is in…

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He’s coming!!

SO excited!!  Jack White just announced new tour dates and Atlanta is included!!! MUST remember to buy tickets when the are released this weekend – he’s playing at the Fabulous Fox so it will be an amazing night – I MUST get tickets!!  Giddy with excitement:)

Moving on – you all know how much I love to wear a scarf these days and Avril at SchoolGateStyle.com has been really helpful with some new ways to tie a scarf – well now Mint Velvet, who I discovered when I was back in the UK in June, have released this fabulous video with 10 ways to tie a scarf.  I love this video – it is the perfect speed – not too slow so that you get bored, and not too fast so that you have no idea what they are doing – watch it – it will inspire you on your scarf wearing days!  Personally I love the plait.


Even MM loves a good scarf and he has several that he has acquired over the years.  I think it began as a way to replace his bandana that he wore in his student days.  For me it is great – it’s a whole new array of gifts for me to choose from for him and Mr. Porter have a great selectionPaul Smith is my favorite designer for a good men’s scarf and this is a Paul Smith scarf he’s wearing here last winter – at the OK Cafe with Hugh and his long hair:)

Today I’m wearing my Boden Limited Edition silk feathers top from a couple of years ago – I love it – I rarely wear it and I don’t know why – it’s so easy to wear and can be washed so it’s really easy to care for. I have paired it with my Hudson jeans and Sam Edelman Louie boots in rose taupe – they coordinate with the top perfectly!


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And the verdict is in…

Blunderbuss is freakin’ awesome!!!!  Jack White is a genius – I cannot stop listening to this album.  It’s everything a White Stripes fan is looking for.  There’s a great mix of Americana, blues and funk, a great example being my favorite single on the album Trash Tongue Talker – I can’t stop watching the YouTube video – I love Jack!  I’m gutted that there aren’t more dates on his tour I’d do anything to be at Hammersmith Apollo, I’m even back in the UK then but it’s all sold out…

I’m praying the weather improves in the UK by June.  It’s atrocious there right now and I’m going to have the annual dilemma of packing for every climate.  Fortunately the advantage of my Boden tunics is I can wear them with skinny jeans or bare legged so all I need to do now is pick the ones to take from my copious collection!  I sneakily bought another the other day – a clearance bargain I say – calm down!  I bought the coal Everyday Jersey Tunic early in the AW 2011 season and I have to admit it took a while to grow on me but I always get great comments when I wear it.  Here it is with the Boden cashmere wrap and piped shoe boots – seems an eternity now since I had to wear tights!

I looked at the blue one again and again and just couldn’t convince myself I that I liked it enough, if at all, to order, especially as I tend to wear black in the winter and this just seemed too garish.  As spring advanced though I found myself musing over how it would look as a dress with bare legs.  I definitely think the colors are more summery and by pure happenstance as I was browsing one day, as I often do on the Boden site, there it was – a size 6 with my name on it for the bargain price of $30!  I like it a lot as a dress and it will definitely get plenty of wear…now NO MORE tunics till AW 2012!!  However you all are free to keep looking as items keep popping back into the clearance section.

Tuesday has recently become one of my favorite days since I discovered Lululemon release their new items every Monday night.  One of the first things I do sitting at the breakfast bar with my coffee is to click my bookmark for the Lululemon website and browse the fabulous new colors and prints.  My two favorites today are the new pace setter skirt in beachy floral white fossil/black and the swiftly racerback in porcelain – the two will look great together, hmmm I’m convincing myself more so as I write!

I also discovered there is a new Lululemon store opening close to my house – I may just have to nip by there on the way to Poppy’s ballet class today!!  Happy May Day!


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I love Jack White.

How did it get to April 30th?  I’m really not sure what happened to the first third of 2012.  I know time is supposed to speed up as you get older but come on now really?!  May is jam packed with events and milestones – my daughter turns 6 and finishes kindergarten, the pool opens next weekend, Memorial weekend signals the beginning of summer (though we’ve had summer temperatures for some time now…), and we have our favorite friend from our University days arriving to party for a long weekend with his new girlfriend.

I can’t wait to see S.  When I moved in with MM* in my 3rd year of University, MM was already sharing his flat above the The Central bar with S.  We all worked together in the bar, partied together and lived together.  S. was always very tolerant of my immediately intense relationship with MM.  In fact he was instrumental in getting us together.  The night MM told me he was “infatuated” with me S. had been working on his behalf from behind the bar, plying me with heavy handed Moscow Mules making me far more susceptible to flattery and sweet talk:)  After graduation MM and I helped S. move down to London in a white van, and a few years later MM was S.’s best man, and though his wedding didn’t last too long it resulted in two gorgeous daughters for him.  After a tumultuous time in London S. moved to Sweden where he has been happily living for some time enjoying the Scandinavian lifestyle and regular vacations to Thailand (apparently all Swedes go there in the darker months!).  We haven’t been allowed to speak to the new girlfriend yet – I’ve even been banned from trying to search for her on Facebook.  S. knows me so well that he’s aware I never keep anything to myself so I assume he is putting these restrictions in place in the interest of self preservation.  At this stage he must be feeling relatively secure and comfortable with the new relationship as I have been granted access for a whole weekend!  S. if you’re reading – I promise I will not embarrass anyone but myself:)

S. by the way is also a huge music fan particularly The Jesus and Mary Chain, so in an attempt to have some new music to discuss I’ve just bought Jack White’s Blunderbuss.

I must just mention that I LOVE Jack White.  Seven Nation Army and Icky Thump have to be two of my favorite singles ever and the best music to run aggressively to!

Blunderbuss has had some great reviews.  It’s his first solo album and by all accounts he hasn’t strayed too far from his White Stripes sound…I’m going to stick my headphones on and listen to it while I work today.  I love listening to a new album – you’re never quite sure if it is going to make an immediate impression or if it will need a few listens for you to appreciate it.  I must just remember there are colleagues sitting near me so I must not start howling along.

After a good 4mile run this morning and already climbing temperatures I was looking for something comfortable to wear.  I have to say I really disliked the Boden SS 2011 Ibiza tunic when I first bought it in the preview.  I immediately sent it back thinking the yellow was far too lurid.  However, it reappeared in the clearance just before Christmas last year and I have to say I absolutely love it now!  See you even need to be exposed to some items of clothing a few times before you fully appreciate them!  Maybe the fact it was only about $30 helped too – but now I wish I’d bought another color too!  It looks perfect with my Tory Burch black patent Eddies.  Oh and speaking of Tory Burch they are having a Friends and Fans event that ends today – enter FRIENDS12 at checkout for 25% off!

*MM – My Man

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