4 days to go till…

…I turn 43!  Crumbs!  How DID that happen?  I still feel 21 and act like it most of the time, much to the chagrin of my children.  When I look back life so far has been kind to me, though I often wonder what roles fate, destiny or pure luck have played.  When I was 21 I never imagined I’d be an American citizen living in Atlanta, or that I would end up working in magazine publishing of all things, never mind working with my Husband!  My dreams back then were of becoming a high flying financier or consultant.  I started on that ladder for a while and then quickly realized I was most unsuitable for it – I don’t care for hard work 🙂  Having fun, indulging in my hobbies (errr clothes and wine…), chatting with dear friends, and having adventures suits me far better.  So here I am about to turn 43 and wondering where my 40s will lead me.  All I wish for is health and happiness for my loved ones.  Can you tell I feeling a little introspective?

IMG_8755 IMG_8756 IMG_8760 IMG_8761


Sneakers – Adidas Samoas // Jeans – H&M // Top – Zara



8 thoughts on “4 days to go till…

  1. Style At Every Age (@styleateveryage)

    I know the feeling of thinking you are still 21 very well Joanna, sadly my mirror tells a different story lol! In case I am not online at the time, I wish you a very happy birthday. Health is all we can ask for and if anyone gets the wealth bit too, well good for them I say! Cheers lovely! x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ignore the bloody mirror:) We can’t stop it can we so get on with it and throw caution to the wind! Love you Missus thanks for the birthday wishes – I’ll think of you on my first glass of bubbles – one day we’ll have one together! xx

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday fellow Leo, it’s my birthday in a few days too, but I have a few years on you, and I’m not sure I’m as sanguine about the ageing process – but I completely agree that health and happiness for those we care about is the most important thing. Have a great celebration.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – I think I am just resigned to it lol – I can’t stop it can I! I will say though that I definitely pay little attention to what you are ‘supposed’ to do or ‘supposed’ to look like at a certain age – I completely ignore those apparent standards:) Happy Birthday to you too – us Leos are fab, though we have a few hang ups too – we’re not always the extroverts we appear to be! xxxxx

      1. Anonymous

        Is you b’day on the 10th? if so, we actually share the same date, I’m just + 4yrs on you. I salute your attitude! Great to see your celebrations – I’m planning fish & chips with bubbles. Go Leos!

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        YES!!! Happy birthday to you!!! Fish and chips and bubbles sounds PERFECT! I enjoyed a great Mexican meal with margaritas which I am paying for today! xx

  3. Jenny G

    Happy Birthday for 4 days time Joanna – I still feel 21 (some of the time!) but my body doesn’t – bloody old age catching up and things start to ache and stiffen up! Can’t get over the fact that 50 is the next milestone but ‘hey-ho’! – as they say! 🙂 x


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