Can’t get it out of my head

Sometimes, in fact mostly, Pinterest can be deadly. As I was watching Mad Men last night I was surfing Pinterest looking for some denim inspiration – i.e. images to help me style pieces that I ALREADY have. Damn Pinterest, I fell in love with this image.

style inspiration J.Crew

It’s an image from J.Crew – and I already have the trousers – but I LOVE the shirt. Light denim, boxy and short sleeves. Can I find it anywhere? – No of course not – and I now NEED it.

Thanks to a call I put out on Twitter and Instagram I have found two that are very similar and may meet my ‘needs’. I’ve ordered both to compare and contrast…you know how dangerous that is…

The first is from Everlane. Super simple, gorgeous shape, great price and guaranteed great quality. I love this as it doesn’t have pockets on it. Thanks to Rebecca for helping me find it!

EverlaneIt also comes in a light denim.

everalne light denimThe second is from Mango – the soft pocket shirt. I love this one because of the pockets and I love the collar, or lack of collar. Thanks to Eve for helping me find this one!

MangoSo both are on their way – which one do you prefer? I’ll show and tell as soon as they arrive, and please do let me know if you see anything else similar! I have a bee in my bonnet now!

Today it’s a day for comfy dungarees! The sun is shining and I’m about to get changed for a run!


Dungarees – H&M // Shoes – Dolce Vita // Shirt – J.Crew (similar here)



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My summer uniform

Looking back, I feel like every summer I have miss calculated my summer closet. It gets hot here. Really hot. I forget how hot, so every spring I design my closet around 70 degree temperatures, not 90 degree temperatures. Plus, when planning my vacations I imagine beach clubs, reclining on yachts and sitting under fans on patios drinking cocktails. Foolish – this never transpires. We have 2 small children so I end up covered in sand, ice cream and spf, and again it is always too hot to care about ‘dressing up’. Last year I took ‘going out’ clothes to Spain and ended up living in denim shorts and tees, or a t-shirt dress. This year I am aiming to be more practical from the start. My closet will consist of shorts and tees – no more scuba dresses – which look great on but are ridiculous in the heat.

Thankfully J.Crew have 30% off using SPRINGSTYLE today and here are some of the items I have in my virtual cart!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE J.Crew’s denim. It is fabulous quality and for some reason their cut fits me really well. I take a 29 in most styles – be warned J.Crew embrace vanity sizing plus their denim does give – not too much – but I always wear their jeans 3-4 times before washing as they soften up beautifully. I have their denim shorts from previous years and here are my picks from this season – all with 30% off too!

White denim shorts are a must as an alternative to blue denim. Just fabulous with tanned legs and tan or silver sandals.

white shortsThese distressed boy shorts have a higher rise than others I have tried and come in the perfect summer wash.

high riseThis is probably my favorite pair. Again the perfect amount of distressing and you can wear them turned up or with the raw edge. They a lovely and stretchy too so you may want to try a size down for a snugger fit.

crowley washI have this pair from last year and they again relax beautifully with wear. They are a really lightweight denim and the perfect pair of beach shorts.

dark von washFinally this denim pair is a lighter wash for those of you that prefer a lighter denim for the summer.

bradbury washWhile we’re at J.Crew you should definitely take advantage of the 30% off – here’s what’s on my list today.

I’ve been hovering over this shirt for a while as I love the fact it is classic yet doesn’t have buttons all the way down it. It will look amazing over leather pants, skinny jeans or dressed down with a pair of denim shorts. I may well pull the trigger after seeing how amazing Laura looks in hers today.

bib shirt

These jeans are the perfect amount of distressing and the denim is lovely and stretchy. The reviewers love them too! They are already reduced and then there is the extra 30% off on top!

corbin washI adore this boyfriend shirt. I think I am starting to follow a more classic look with my clothes!

polka dotFor me it is the color of this popover which really appeals – the lavender will be stunning over sun kissed skin.

popoverNow these jackets are not on offer – but I am wearing my navy one again today – it really has become a staple in my closet. I adore the popped collar on it. I’m waiting for the kiwi to come into stock but I’ve also fallen for the metallic version – I love how it is styled with all white.

kiwi metallic regentMy obsession with J.Crew has led me to investigate Madewell – their more grown up, less preppy sibling. After seeing Sincerely Jules in her shorts this weekend I felt obliged to order them and try. Nordstrom have also started stocking Madewell which is great news as they ship internationally and their customer service and returns policy is fantastic.


fatigue shortsI’m also obsessing over this peasant top which is currently on sale.

peasant topI just love the grey wash on these denim shorts too!

greystone wash


So there’s a lot to choose from but at least I feel I can still have some variety with my shorts and t-shirt combinations!

On Friday I was willing the sun to shine – it worked for one day and then rain, rain, rain all day yesterday :(

GuccisShoes – Gucci // Jeans – MiH (just $88 here reduced from $250) // Top – Mango

Today, as I mentioned, I’m back in my Regent blazer. How did I cope without it?!

Regent blazerBlazer – J.Crew // Sneakers – Nike from J.Crew (similar here) // Jeans – J.Crew (currently on sale) // Top – AllSaints

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Experimenting with denim

A few weeks ago everyone was talking about these H&M wide leg jeans.



They are a cheaper version, or tribute to the Rachel Comey jeans worn brilliantly by Leandra here.

Rachel-Comey-Jeans-Denim-3 images

They were unavailable online in the US and I managed to try a pair on in Manchester when I was home. I’d heard they came up tiny so tried a UK 14 but couldn’t even pull them over my butt! Hoping that they were miss labelled (glass half full and all that) I ordered a pair online too. Well what do you know they fit! Certainly still snug but I was quite relieved that I hadn’t piled on as many pounds as I was being led to believe – though I could have believed it with all the Monster Munch I consumed while back in Bury :)

Having got them back to Atlanta I decided I was very unsure about them – lets say they are not exactly leg lengthening – but the rebel in me still loves how different and wacky they are. I trawled through images looking for inspiration on how to wear them.



H&M wide leg jeans inspo 1H&M wide leg jeans inspo 2H&M wide leg jeans inspo 3 H&M wide leg jeans inspo 4 H&M wide leg jeans inspo 5 H&M wide leg jeans inspo 6 H&M wide leg jeans inspo 7I’ve played it pretty safe with how I have styled them today – toning it down with ballet flats and a blazer. I am feeling quite courageous though and have some more radical ideas for future outings – be warned!

IMG_0711 IMG_0705 IMG_0694Jeans – H&M // Flats – Tory Burch Eddie (no longer available – similar here) // Top – Mango // Jacket – J.Crew

While many of you will think they are hideous, I thought this was the perfect time to share some very wise words from The Man Repeller:

           “I like — nay, love — these pants. They’re me. I know they don’t look good but I think they’re cool. They make me feel like a more interesting version of myself and that, to me, is what style is about: presenting a difficulty and attempting to unpack it or make sense of it. I can’t tell you exactly why I like them but I can sharply recall having never really cared for pants that do the things we’re supposed to expect of them: flatten our stomachs, tighten our asses, makes our legs look longer and leaner, yadi ya. Maybe that’s a function of my believing that fashion is not about what’s flattering and vice versa or maybe this is simply a matter of style. And the thing about style, like with everything else, is that if you believe in it, you have to be willing to fight for it.”

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Khaki trousers

Today this photo we have all seen many times was my source of inspiration. All hail the amazing Ms. Alt.

Emmanuelle Alt

And though I had my heels ready to wear today, after a run yesterday evening, my knees begged me to wear sneakers today.

IMG_0672 IMG_0684Sneakers – Adidas Samoas // Trousers – Zara // T-shirt – Splendid // Jacket – Zara

These khaki utility harems are wonderful but sadly are from Zara last year. But fear not I have found some great alternatives that will allow you to play around with the khaki color trend, while taking you into summer.

These culottes are gorgeous and can be dressed down with sneakers and a black or white tee.

khaki culottesMany of my blogging friends have and love these TopShop distressed utility pants – I love the fit having tried them on the other day in our new store. Again they are great for dressing up or down with sneakers or heels.

relaxed utilityIf you prefer a bit more drape these wrap front joggers are gorgeous.

TopShop joggersA cheaper alternative are these joggers from New Look. At just $36 they are a bargain!

New look joggerI love this pair from Warehouse – a gorgeous drapey fabric and a little dressier than the New Look pair.

WarehouseThese are probably the closest in style that I have found to mine – but with less of a dropped crotch, so I know many of you will prefer these. They have 3% elastane so will have a nice stretch to them

Asos taperedIf you prefer more of a utility trouser here is a great alternative to the distressed TopShop pair.

Asos utilityNow don’t style them like this but these culottes are actually cord so also give a nod to the 70s trend. They are lovely and will be perfect with sandals too in the summer.

Asos culottesFinally if you’re somewhere like Atlanta, where temperatures are already rising, try this linen pair. Gorgeous with a crisp white shirt as shown here, and just $40.

Asos linen


As for my jacket – well I think it might turn into one of those items that many bloggers own – it is gorgeous and I love the cut at the back too. It’s going to be really versatile with jeans and trousers. I am wearing a Large.

ZaraThere you go – now you are all set to work your Emmanuelle inspired looks too!

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Dressing for Spring

Yesterday we had a ‘teacher work day’, meaning that there was no school for the children. Instead we had the most wonderful day shopping and at the movies. The weather was incredible and the 3 of us had so much fun. They even enjoyed IKEA and we were in and out in record time having located storage boxes for my winter jumpers and new beach chairs for spring break. The highlight of the morning though was visiting their favorite H&M store!

Poppy was thrilled to find Sue’s top. It looks perfect with her new Zara shorts that she is wearing!

IMG_2061After H&M we headed to the movies to watch Cinderella – highly recommended – we loved it and I even shed a couple of tears!

IMG_2063For the casual day out and about I wore little makeup – a real treat in the spring sun – plenty of spf though of course!

springBoots – Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Jeans – H&M // Tunic – J.Crew (25% off with SaleLove)

Today it’s back to work with a bump – none of us were rallying to get out of bed this morning. After blogging about it the other day I decided to wear my Mango top for the first time – I love it – I am wearing a US 8.

IMG_0668 IMG_0657Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury (similar here on QUICK!) // Jeans – Zara // Top – Mango // Jacket – Mango (50% off on sale) // Bag – H&M // Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples Ria

At least the sun is still shining for us!

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Attaining the boho 70s look with Mango and Zara

Mango and Zara are two of my favorite high street stores. I say high street when in fact I do all my shopping with them online. Unfortunately we have no Mango in Atlanta and our Zara store is pretty small. I thought both of their AW14 collections were pretty lack luster – not much excited me. SS15 is a different story – I love so much of it!

Mango’s tops have always been great for me – I find their sizing is slightly more generous and consistent than Zara’s. They have always done great boho tops and I have a couple that I bought in Spain last year that I have just dug out – its been in the high 70s here so I can certainly start transitioning my closet for spring!

I love this blue printed top – perfect with flares or denim shorts.

printed topThis chiffon blouse is beautiful – I mentioned the other day that I love a good tunic – I feel much more comfortable without buttons peeking open.

chiffon blouseI have this black top but have yet to wear it. It is just beautiful and great quality. It comes with cami underneath to preserve your modesty.

crochet black topThese crochet tops are not available in my size yet on the US site but they are on my wish list. I just love them – so feminine.

crochet top white crochet topI’ve just ordered these to try the blue and the red. They remind me of Madewell tops that are twice the price. They are so pretty and feminine and I hope to wear them with jeans and my Ancient Greek sandals.

ruffle top red ruffle topThis dress also caught my eye – I don’t have a denim dress and I love the shape of this one. The pockets are a fabulous detail.

denim dressFor those of us that love fringing you can’t miss out on this top. Terrible photo as it doesn’t show the fringe – but both sleeves have fringing. I love it as the front is plain so doesn’t draw attention to a larger chest.

fringe teeAs for Zara it has been their dresses that have caught my attention. Here’s a curve ball – definitely risking mutton BUT I think worn on vacation, by the beach, with sandals it could be an instant hit. The fact it is a ‘romper‘ means it’s short length is less of an issue.

skirt jumpsuitI adore this dress with a stunning embroidered neckline. Really unique and it reminds me of the Kate Moss TopShop dresses that sold out in a heartbeat last year.

zara dressThis red dress is a great alternative to all the creams around – it is really lovely in real life too.

red dressFinally this dress is amazing value and I love the dropped waist. I’ll be ordering it soon.

black dressWith every item I look at I have a specific pair of sandals in mind that I want to wear. They are completely polarizing and I have even surprised myself. I think what I love about these gladiators is that they have thick straps – more ‘solid’ looking than most currently in stores with skinny straps. Now I know I am no Gisele but let me introduce you to my lust shoe for summer 2015 – the Stuart Weitzman Backview.

gisele backviewToday I headed back to our new TopShop. It is so exciting to finally have a bricks and mortar store here – I must be getting old though as my only complaint is the ridiculously loud music in there! I had a $10 gift card burning a hole in my pocket so today I put it towards the Hayden boyfriend jeans in ecru. I love them.



For my little shopping jaunt I wore my new jacket and jeans from J.Crew.

IMG_2059Sneakers – Stan Smiths // Jeans – J.Crew wide leg crops // T-shirt – ASOS // Jacket – J.Crew Regent blazer in linen // Sunglasses (on head!) – Oliver Peoples

On Friday night I was out for dinner with my Husband – we had so much fun, thankfully with few repercussions on Saturday morning!

IMG_0633Boots – Stuart Weitzman Highland // Dress – AllSaints

So do share – what has caught your eye now the new season is arriving fast and furiously?


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It’s transitioning to spring

I’ve already taken some of my large knits downstairs into my ‘storage closest’, and sadly my cashmere onesies will be heading there tonight not to be seen again till November :( I’m still keeping a few sweaters around as the weather here is completely unreliable right into May – only then can you guarantee heat daily. My daffodils know spring is blooming, we have deer roaming the neighborhood with their babies, and the blossom is beginning to appear. Spring makes me smile.

To acknowledge the warmer temperatures I’ve worn tees and jackets, and had my ankles on show for the past two days.

IMG_0612Shoes – Gucci // Jeans – J.Crew // Tee – AllSaints // Jacket – Mango (currently reduced by 60% in sale) // Bag – H&M

IMG_0627 IMG_0618Shoes – Vince Claire in ink // Trousers – J.Crew // Tee – AllSaints // Jacket – Helmut Lang (reduced by 60%)

I hope you are all able to stash your sweaters away soon!

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M&S flares back in stock!!


Be quick and grab them while you can – they are the most comfortable jean ever! I LOVE mine! They fit TTS – I am wearing a 12 regular below.

All sizes are back in stock here!

M&S flares IMG_0600

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A Military Jacket


Working in the magazine industry means that I am lucky enough to have subscriptions to almost every fashion magazine in the country. Call it competitive intelligence. Unfortunately this means that month after month I am bombarded with the most amazing images and advertising creative.

Gucci always use incredible images but this month I have been fixated with this stunning visual.


I love everything about it – the flares, the snakeskin, the suede, but mostly I adore the military jacket.

Now in addition to my constantly full magazine basket, I also have my fabulous blogging friends who insist on placing temptation in front of me. Recently both Michelle and Eve have blogged about this stunning military jacket from Zara.


As I was dropping it in and out of my basket last night, I remembered a jacket that I haven’t worn for a while. I bought it from Boden maybe about 3 years ago? I dug it out and low and behold it is perfect. Note to self – be careful what I eBay and send to charity in the future! I was so relieved I still have this jacket, as I did nearly try and sell it a few times when I was rebelling against all things Boden. The quality is amazing and the color and buttons are perfect. Now I can channel the money I would have spent on the Zara jacket into my Gucci loafer fund! Result!

IMG_0597Shoes – Marks and Spencer // Jeans – Marks and Spencer // Top – Zara (old) // Jacket – Boden (old) // Bag – H&M

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A few weekend orders plus my Spring 2015 wishlist has been started!

It was a crazy weekend that included lots of birthday celebrations for Hugh! We started on Friday with a trip to Shake Shack, and then on Saturday he had a party with his school mates at Glow Galaxy. I swear this is the last birthday party we have! I am not a fan of sitting in an indoor play room for 2 hours. They all had fun of course – but I have already convinced Poppy that the money for her 9th birthday in May will be better spent on a Mommy and daughter trip to NYC! Works for me! :)

Sunday was glorious with Spring arriving on cue after our clocks changed this weekend. We headed out for BBQ and sat outside on a patio for the first time this year. So much fun! Once home Hugh decided to try out his new bow and arrow (don’t ask!) and I enjoyed the sun while compiling my Spring 2015 wish list and doing a little online shopping!

First off has some AMAZING stock right now. I occasionally head to the site just to see what is there and often nothing tickles my fancy. This weekend, however, my heart was set aflutter by all the fabulous items I loved.

First up they have lots of Rag & Bone heavily discounted. Of course I am obsessed with their boots and I ordered the Harper boot. There are several sizes left but they will sell out fast with the 40% discount.


My summer wardrobe is going to consist mainly of jeans and great t-shirts. I am staying clear of lots of patterns right now and gravitating towards classic jeans and jackets. Hence I ordered the MiH Phoebe jean at an amazing discount and this wash is perfect for summer. They are 65% discounted at just $87.50 – cheaper than some Zara jeans!

MIH phoebe

I’m tempted to go back for the Jane jean – I love the cut and the frayed hem. Again 65% off and many sizes left.

MIH jane

They have lots of great pairs of flares too which I was really surprised to see given the high demand they are currently experiencing. These are my pick from AG, discounted by 50%.

AG flare

Sunglasses are on my list of updates for this summer. I have several Ray-Ban aviators but wanted some new acetate frames. My regular prescription glasses are Oliver Peoples and they are so light and comfortable that I grabbed a pair of these when I saw them online. It’s very rare to see Oliver People’s discounted as they are so classic.

Oliver peoples

This pair is also lovely in grey.

Oliver peoples 2

On to J.Crew now who have 25% off in the US for the next 48 hours using code SpringStyle – there are some exclusions though so check before checking out.

Their new stock is arriving and there are so many pretty items for spring. I particularly love this embroidered lace top in navy and blush – it is currently reduced and you can apply the 25% code too.

lace top blush top

Other classic tops that I plan to order include these tunics. I much prefer a tunic to a shirt as it eliminates the danger of gaping buttons. Again the SpringStyle 25% code can be used with all of these.

tailored tunic stripe tunic

This muslin tunic will look fabulous with flares and clogs or wedge sandals!

muslin tunic

My goal is to wear this type of simple top with jeans under a linen blazer. Linen blazer? But where from? Well you know what, J.Crew’s new season includes one of my favorite jackets – the Regent blazer – in linen. There are some amazing colors and I can’t wait to see the kiwi in real life. Unfortunately these jackets are so popular that the code does not apply.

lime jacket

So my uniform for the summer will include jackets, shirts and jeans – and J.Crew’s jeans are some of the best on the block – including their denim shorts. The 25% discount applies to all of these picks too!

I love the distressed denim on these shorts – I saw them in store the other day and the holes are patched so they are not indecent at all – the length is also good – no butt cheeks will show!

broken in denim short

My favorite J.Crew jean right now is the wide leg crop. I love a good crop to show off a fabulous shoe or boot and a little ankle on show is lovely in the spring. These are on my wishlist in both white and the odell wash – they get rave reviews!

white jeans odell wash

So it’s a pretty long list already and I haven’t even included the Gucci loafers I am currently saving for! I have these in black and they are the most comfortable, well made pair of shoes I own. Looking back up through this post the orange pair will be the perfect statement shoe for my summer wardrobe!


As for my weekend outfits here we go starting with Saturday – and yes the jacket and jeans uniform.

Jacket 2Shoes – Vince Nina // Jeans – Zara (old) // Shirt – Zara (old) // Jacket – Mango (on sale here) // Bag – H&M

Yesterday it was jeans again but no jacket was required in the sun!

Allsaints Allsaints 2

Boots – Burgundy Rag & Bone Newbury boots // Top – AllSaints (old) // Jeans – J.Crew // Bag – H&M

Today I’m back to black and grey.

Leather jacket

Boots – Charcoal Rag & Bone Newbury boots (similar here) // Trousers – J.Crew (on SALE PLUS 25% off with SpringStyle) // Top – Zara (old) // Jacket – Zara (old)

I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list for this Spring!

Thanks for sharing!