By design.

My general dislike for Tuesdays was exacerbated this morning by a 7.30am dentist appointment for my daughter.  It’s bedlam trying to get myself ready and get everyone out of the house in time…but we made it and all teeth checked out well – phew – no embarrassing explanations required for lack of parental supervision while brushing.  Well needless to say the mad dash this morning for the dentist meant no preening and photo taking in front of the mirror today, but I will tell you I spent a day feeling quite preppy in my slate Boden straightleg wool capris (an absolute bargain at $38 in the sale), Boden mercury crinkle shirt, Boden grey wrap jumper, and Tory Burch grey flannel Revas, topped off with my Boden black quilted jacket (also available full price in the new SS range here) as there was a little nip in the air this morning.  Tuesdays have always been my least favorite day of the week – probably stemming from my sixth form days when they started with triple physics with Mrs. Wells.  She used to dictate so fast I developed callouses on my middle finger – odd to think of in these technology driven days when I can barely hold a pen never mind write with one – I am so used to typing.

After the chaos of car pool, ballet lessons, daycare run and drive home I was excited to be greeted by some belated Christmas presents.  MM and I have always loved Alessi products.  We were fortunate to be gifted some for our Wedding presents and the somewhat stylish, if not functional, Philippe Starck juicer still has pride of place in our kitchen, next to the spaghetti holder.

Jucy Salif, Alessi

Well my FIL has very kindly bought me a lovely tea strainer for my loose leaf Fortnum & Mason’s tea which I can now enjoy prior to a enjoying a stiff margarita mixed in my new cocktail shaker – very exciting.  Now I just need some great cocktail recipes to experiment with.

Te o, Tea-strainer Alessi

The new tea strainer.

Alessi cocktail shaker

Found in almost every bar in the world…according to Alessi.


4 thoughts on “By design.

  1. Eva

    I’m sure you’ve already seen the photo i posted….
    How does the juicer work? I always wanted to have that thing because it just looks sooo cool!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I had a feeling you had would have some Alessi lol – great minds etc…That’s just it about the juicer – it doesn’t really work – it’s not stable enough – we’ve never used it to juice. Philippe Starck apparently designed it as a ‘conversation piece’:)


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