Taking care of the girls.

It’s been the perfect day here in Atlanta for being out and about, which I have been most of the day.  It must have reached 75 degrees Fahrenheit today and I loved every minute of it.  I worked from home this morning which was very indulgent – I am convinced I get far more done in the comfort of my own home, even if I am juggling laundry too. Then it was time for a trip to the Doctors.

Without wanting to divulge TMI it was quite a milestone appointment – my first mammogram.  Well it wasn’t quite my first as I had a baseline taken 3 years ago, but this was my first of the many more to come now I have turned 40.  Of course it was all done with minimum fuss.  I did explain to the nurse, probably unnecessarily, that us Brits are used to getting our tits out as often as the French, though more usually in a bar than on a beach.  She nodded sagely and continued to contort me into the required position.  All in all a very quick procedure, and here’s my PSA – get yours done if you haven’t had one for a while!

My daughter was thrilled after school when our friends across the street invited her over for a play date.  She has been on a couple before but I my heart still sinks a little when I see her skipping off without me.  Oh I’m thrilled she is happy and outgoing, but again my little girl ain’t so little anymore and this week seems to be intent on reminding me of that.  I went over to collect her after an hour or so wondering how she’d be getting on – she didn’t even notice my presence – in fact when she did her face dropped – ‘I don’t want to go yet!’.  So she ended up staying for dinner and even then was reluctant to return.  I am so excited that she has a friend close by.  Her friend also has three younger brothers – so my son will be happy too once he’s off on his play dates:)  I feel like I’m preparing for empty nesting already!

The mammogram and weather required some strategic dressing so I opted for comfy and slouchy with my boyfriend Gap jeans, Boden essential tee (SS 2011), Boden Must Have Jumper and Tory Burch hibiscus pink Revas.  I love the Must Have Jumper, the button detail is perfect and the trim is a very on trend sulphur color.  The fit is perfect – I’m between a US 6 and 8 with Boden and often go for an 8 in jumpers.  It is lovely and soft and hangs perfectly in contrast to the skinny arms.  I also have the radish and quail egg colors sitting in my closet ready for their spring debut.

Boden Must Have Jumper



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