A little bit retro

When you write a blog you tend to read a lot of blog posts too. From frequently reading style, fashion, street style blogs etc. it is fairly easy to garner great advice on what should work or shouldn’t work for your body type – assuming of course you know what body type you are!

My body has been described as apple, triangular and most recently rectangular. All I know is I have quite a small frame but bulk up around the face, chest and arms fastest when gaining weight, yet I can comfortably fit into a US 6 jean if the waistband has some stretch – I have no hips or backside to speak of. So whatever shape category I fall into I know that I need to be careful up top and enhance down below. Sometimes however a garment comes along that I know I should not touch with a barge pole, but somehow I just can’t resist it.

Meet my ‘masculine style’ Mango jacket:

Mango jacket


It’s worn over a cardigan here but the silhouette is basically cocoon. It has dropped shoulders and is oversized – I have a Eur Medium which works as I will be able to wear it over sweaters. It is so 80s retro I adore it – names like Limahl, Simon Le Bon and Spandau Ballet have all been associated with this jacket. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll be no stranger to my passion for the 80s. This jacket is so evocative of that glorious decade that I couldn’t return it, even though it breaks all my personal ‘shape rules’. Once in a while we have to wear something purely because we love it.

Mango jacket 1 Mango jacket 2 Mango jacket 3

Jeans – Zara // Boots – Sam Edelman Louie // Top – Everlane // Jacket – Mango

Today I am all about the monchrome. It’s brass out this morning which is fabulous news – roll out the scarves and jackets!!!

Zara 3 Zara 1 Zaea 2

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman Leman // Jeans – H&M // T-shirt – ASOS // Jacket – Zara leather jacket (this season but not online) // Scarf – Zara

Don’t forget that Mango currently have 30% off coats and sweaters till October 22nd! In the US use 5MNG4 and in the UK use 5MNG.



12 thoughts on “A little bit retro

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you so much Jane! The hair can have good days and bad days as anyone’s does – but at least on a bad day I can just push it back with gel!

  1. Sue

    I have my Mango jacket from 2012 which is a bit like this. Every now and then I fall in love with it and think it’s the business and then I catch sight of myself in it and think what the …? But I still have it and I even wore it a couple of times this week so yeah, I agree – sometimes you have to wear what you love.

    And excellent scarf wrapping skills there Joanna!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It did take me a few attempts with the scarf – it’s very fluffy too!! Glad I’m not the only rule breaker out there lovely xxx

  2. fashion40ish

    Break the rules and go for it. You look fab and, as I have said before, you look utterly wonderful in the last pic. Adore the whole look. Sometimes I wish I was back in 1982/83 I had THE best time back then. H x


    I know what you mean, every so often you just want to be a new you, and rock a style! Totally my era too…… love the whole spandau ballet, and simon le bon episode…..Go you! xx

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