My neck is starting to look like my labia

Yup it’s happening. 25 years of drinking, smoking and sun is finally taking it’s toll. Chicken waddle, neck labia or loose skin under your jawline – whatever you care to call it – it is happening to me. A ‘friend’ told me it only happens to ‘old people’ – thanks. I have tried Strivectin neck cream in the past but to be honest it was a total waste of time and money.

After surveying many said ‘friends’ the majority (all younger than me) have suggested a good moisturizer is all you need. Well there are plenty of moisturizers out there to try and if you read any beauty blogs, like I do you, will only end up as confused as I am. I have decided to take a very random, yet brand focused approach. It’s a bit like clothes shopping there is JUST TOO MUCH OUT THERE. Making a choice by reviews is almost impossible – as you may have guessed there are lovers and haters of every brand out there. I decided to pick 2 beauty bloggers that I trust for their honesty. I also love how concise and to the point they are. Having said that I have never met them in person and I am only going on what they say online so go judge for yourselves and visit ViviannaDoesMakeup and I have to say I also love them as there is nothing better some days than listening to a good English gal chat away.

OK so first up the brand – Peter Thomas Roth. Anna first mentioned this brand after her recent visit to NYC. She bought the pumpkin mask. Even though my skin has few wrinkles it feels loose and dull – as I mentioned especially around my neck and jawline. This mask and the way she describes it sounds like the perfect antidote.

PTR pumpkin

So I ordered it. While I was online at Sephora I decided to take a peek at the rest of his line. All, I hasten to add, are highly rated on Sephora. I was particularly interested in serums. I really believe that these products are the solution to many a skin crisis, and can easily enhance the effectiveness of a much cheaper drugstore moisturizer when applied before you moisturize. I have ordered these – the VIZ-1000™ 75 percent Hyaluronic Acid Complex for it’s ability to hydrate the skin, and the Glycolic acid gel for it’s ability to turnover cells and diminish the signs of aging. I plan to apply both, on alternate days, under my regular moisturizer and makeup primer.

hydralonic glycolic acid

Caroline is a big fan of hydrating spritzers. I have used The Body Shop Vitamin C energizing spray for years on and off, especially when flying, but I have never considered using it daily. Today I ordered The Body Shop Vitamin E spray along with the Vitamin E serum to try – both highly rated and they have been around for years. I take that to be a good sign.

vitamin-e-face-mist_l vitamin-e-moisture-serum_l

Moving into Spring false tanners caught my eye too. I have read a lot about the God of self tanning, James Read. After researching on Sephora I discovered that his products are available tax free on NAP – no Rouge points, but tax free trumps points in my eyes! I have ordered the sleep mask to try – I cannot wait after reading the great reviews. Even Marks and Spencers stock it! If this works I plan to try the body version.

james read

So do you have a solution I need to try, or even better a problem area you need to share? 😉



16 thoughts on “My neck is starting to look like my labia

  1. Gina Wornout

    I’m struggling with my neck too – nature’s nasty trick to let the blighter suddenly look old. I tried the strivectin and for me it seemed to be working (a bit) but then I got horribly allergic to it so had to stop! I’m currently using the Lulu Timebomb neck and jaw cream. Not a brand I’d ever really been tempted to try but it rated top in the Beauty Bible (which is blind tests)…I’ll report back I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on with your haul.

    The other thing I’m starting to do is weird jaw/neck exercises on the advice of Emma from our group. Super easy and it just makes sense to me that you can improve the tone by actually exercising (though I would never spend more than 5 mins a day) I got the Eva Fraser book but you can google on YouTube and lots will come up. It’s basically just gurning 😉

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh Gina that Time Bomb sounds great! I’ve already noticed an improvement from using the HA and Glycolic Acid serums – seems like moisture is the way ahead. I used the PTR Firm gel mask too which I received as a sample – it’s amazing – you just massage dead skin away with it – my skin was positively glowing and so smooth after using a little yesterday!

  2. In Mamas Wardrobe

    It happens to the best of us Joanna! Mine is beginning to sag (my neck not my labia!) 😉 I’m getting a wake up call & need to accept I’m on the wrong side of 40! Jenny at Beauty & The Biriyani recommended a good one recently! Drop her a line! She’s lovely! x

  3. Sarah @ Fortytherapy

    Bwahahahaaa, best post title EVER!! Caroline Hirons is my beauty guru :). The BS vit E spritz is lovely, so hydrating & perfect on flights but like a previous poster, I swear by neck & jaw exercises, you can really feel it working! X

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I will start the gurning and massaging! I tried a PTR mask last night and my skin feels amazing – it’s so nice when you actually buy a product that appears to work!

  4. Anonymous

    If I could stop laughing at the title of this post, I’d say “way too much information”… good luck on the moisturiser front or just go for roll necks!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Those hairs on the chin don’t help much either lol. Already the PTR products seem to be working with lots of hydration!

  5. Josie

    I just had to google labia, just to check that it was what I thought it was…. And It Was! . Oh how I laughed, outloud, prompting me to explain to husband and 24 yr old son what it was about and what a labia was!. Cue much eughhhhing ( from them!)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha well at least they now have a new word in their vocabulary 🙂 Now they know what causes camel toe too!

  6. Jenny G

    Just catching up on my blog reading (so behind!). Joanna you nutter – cracked me up this did! My neck is definitely more wrinkly (like a little old lady – which is essentially what I will be soon!) I’ve used the Gatineau firming throat gel – you can feel it tightening up on your throat! My only gripe is that it’s a bit expensive so have switched to a standard collagen gel for the moment which does seem to smooth things out. My mums just given me a dedicated neck and decolletage cream by Judith Williams from QVC so will be trying that out. Onwards and upwards – we hope! 🙂 x


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