Save vs. Splurge Alexa Chung Honey Ruffle dress

I grabbed the Alexa Chung Honey Ruffle dress some time ago off – it sold out in the bat of an eyelid. I’ve yet to wear it but it is definitely coming on vacation with me. At $230 it was a lot more than I would usually spend on a dress.

honey ruffle dress


I had a feeling there would be plenty of tributes for the Alexa Chung AG collaboration and I really should have held out – because I was right. Look what I found on Mango today for just $59.99!



ruffle dress save vs splurge Collage


5 thoughts on “Save vs. Splurge Alexa Chung Honey Ruffle dress

  1. Jutka

    Honestly, I love Alexa’s way more. The way it drapes with more volume in the dress is much nicer, and I prefer the color. I don’t think I would settle on this one!

  2. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    how funny I just spotted that on Mango online yesterday and ordered it! Will let you know what it is like, looks pretty inferior to your gorgeous Alexa one that is gorge and my dream dress!! xx


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