Shoe sales!

I wasn’t planning on making any purchases in the sales especially with heading on vacation this week. Well major fail – I have, as always, been tempted. You won’t be surprised that all my purchases are footwear. Shoes maketh the outfit!

Firstly check out They have Golden Goose marked down to £156.00 – SO much cheaper than the US and they will ship to the US DDP. I have ordered these that will hopefully be waiting at my Mum and Dad’s on my arrival!Golden Goose

I received my Vince Ninas in indigo (also available in nude) the other day – they are totally gorgeous as expected and they are now marked down further to $151 at Saks.


I’ve also found the snake print version on sale at Revolve Clothing! Most other stores still have these marked full price at $350!


Finally one not to be missed – Rag & Bone have an extra 25% off sale prices – ends today so be quick! Just use HURRAH25 at checkout for Newbury boots less than $200! Crazy!


The tan Newbury are marked at $370 but when you put them in the cart they are showing $265 – lots of sizes left! Then just apply your HURRAH25 to get them less than $200!

tan newbury

I have the leopard print boot – they were a Christmas present from my husband. Now marked down to $300 with an extra 25% off using HURRAH25!

leopard print newbury

So do you have as much will power as me? 😉

And finally my outfit today – thank goodness for AC – it’s in the 90s!

denim culottesCulottes – Zara // Peep toe boots – Nine West (on sale here) // T-shirt – J.Crew (in sale plus an extra 50% off with GOSHOPPING)


7 thoughts on “Shoe sales!

  1. lynne

    I resisted those tan newburys and now I regret it. Reverse guilt. Darn- sale over and out of my size now. I seriously want to see a picture of your shoe collection! Just for the vacarious thrill and surge of jealousy. 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Mmmm not sure I should photograph that – it might make me more aware of how many I have lol! I have hideaways all over the house for my shoes!


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