40% off at Mango with code!

At last this beauty is mine – I’ve been debating it for some time as it is still 70 degrees here in Atlanta and there is no great need for another coat!! Here’s hoping for an Arctic freeze come January!

Use 6Mango10 in the UK for 40% OFF (30% OFF one item)

Use 6Mango12 in the US for 40% OFF (30% OFF one item)



5 thoughts on “40% off at Mango with code!

  1. Cheryll

    Loving your style. This has been on my want list for ages but Mango’s sizing can be a bit touch and go and their returns policy all the way back to Barcelona puts me off a bit! Don’t forget to post a pic. Didn’t you already order a Uniqlo Fur?! X

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Cheryll!! It is touch and go but more standard than Zara for example, and their returns, although all done by mail are pretty prompt. I’ve certainly never had an issue. I just wish they were FREE returns!!!!

    2. Cheryll

      Ooh stop tempting me! I have far too many coats and boots…. Hubbie is none too happy and had to build me a whole new fitted wardrobe to accomodate the coats and knitwear alone Eeek!
      On the verge of pressing the ‘buy’ button now….
      I need help!!!!

  2. Michelle

    Currently compiling a wish list for Mango to make full use of that 40% off discount!! Loving the leopard print coat Joanna….look forward to seeing you wear it! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Mine is so long – they have some great coats and jackets! I got an oversize shirt too, and the double breasted gray jacket – very 80’s:)


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