Parenting 101

My 8 year old son, Hugh, was miserable yesterday morning. Tired, grumpy and sulky. He listed off several grievances in the car on the way to school – ‘we boss him around, and don’t appreciate him’ being just two of them.

Normally I would react like this…

Parenting 101

My Husband, however, had a different approach. When I got to work he gave me this letter which he had written for Hugh. We co-signed it and when Hugh returned from school I handed it to him. He accepted it, read it and didn’t say much except ‘it’s a long letter’.

Since reading it he has been eager to please and all smiles. It might not last, but it gave me reason to believe that sometimes kids just want to have their grievances acknowledged, like any adult would. Thank you to my amazing Husband for balancing my quick temper and lack of patience with his thoughtfulness and abundant patience.

(Excuse the couple of typos – it wasn’t proof read before handing it over!)

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2 thoughts on “Parenting 101

  1. kathy

    One of the hardest and easiest concepts to grasp is that people just want to be heard and acknowledged. That’s it; not agreed with,not argued with,just heard. I think your husband is brilliant, and your son is one lucky little boy. Give them both a kiss and squeeze them tight tonight. You are more blessed than you know.

    P.S. tell your husband I had a proper blubber after reading his letter, and FYI I have 2 daughters!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Awe thanks so much Kathy. Needless to say I think my Husband is amazing. The kids still aren’t perfectly behaved by any means but they have started writing apology notes too us – it’s quite cute the amount of letter writing going on in this household! x


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