Big Earrings

I used to wear big earrings all the time with longer hair. With short hair I always felt very self conscious with big earrings, and then with the addition of a rook, daith, tragus and helix piercings it all felt a bit overwhelming to try and wear big danglers. That said I’m always very envious of those that carry them off with absolute aplomb like Alex here.

After the recent J.Crew catalogue I became so tempted to try some myself, but I worried the look in my head was not the look in real life! Today I challenged myself – if I could wear a pair of old danglers for the day, and not be irritated or feel weighed down then I would treat myself to a pair of J.Crew earrings while the 30% BIGSALE code is operative till April 30th.

It’s hard to see in this image but the ones I wore a beaded hoops – 3 hoops inside each other with smaller diameters in coral and gold beads. Not too heavy but definitely big earrings (sunglasses are Prada).

As I popped into the mall I was greeted with not one but 2 compliments on my earrings! Yes – I can do this! So of course some research was required and here is what I discovered…first of course J.Crew with the 30% discount.

First here are the ones I bought – already reduced with an extra 40% off using BIGSALE. I just love turquoise for summer. The clear crystal are also on sale.

The gold and olive are perfect for my coloring.

Here are the ones Alex is wearing – a little too big for me – I wish I could get away with them!

In blue or yellow here.

These beaded ones in white and wild berry are on my list. I can see myself wearing these with an off the shoulder top.

These aqua hoops are lovely and simple and also come in tortoiseshell – just $19.50 with 30% off.

Then these Gaia tassel earrings are beautiful.

Then of course don’t forget about JCrew Factory.

For just $15.50 you can have these in grey or cobalt blue.

Want to experiment with yellow? How about these?

These are striking in this vintage kelly color.

These could be my absolute all time favorite – great color and so much fun!

Next – always a fabulous source of striking, cut price, quality jewelry.


From top left clockwise –

  1. Kenneth Jay Lane clip on black tassel earrings
  2. Kenneth Jay Lane turquoise resin earrings.
  3. Kenneth Jay Lane silver tone crystal earrings
  4. Ben Ammun tassel earrings
  5. Noir Jewelry gold tone earrings
  6. Kenneth Jay Lane crystal earrings
  7. Kenneth Jay Lane turquoise silver drop earrings
  8. Kenneth Jay Lane silver earrings
  9. Center – Kenneth Jay Lane red resin earrings

Finally I can’t leave without mentioning Mango’s fine contribution to everyones’ ears this season – there are too many fabulous ones to list but check them out here.



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