My addictions #1 Frye Boots

Had a lovely evening at dinner – shrimp and grits – yum – it’s amazing the food I now adore that I would never have eaten before moving here. We went to South City Kitchen which is a great restaurant and has a fabulous location in Midtown. I am a little sad that they have now opened a location in Vinings – it makes it a little too close to a ‘chain’ restaurant for my liking, but it is incredibly convenient for me so I can’t complain too much…Lots of fun banter was had, though since starting this blog I do find myself a little preoccupied with it (my OCD – never do things by halves…) and looking for ‘interesting’ things to write about.

One of the hardest things I’ve discovered since starting blogging is what to write when.  I’ve surprised myself with how many ideas I have for posts and how varied the subject matter is.  MM has warned me against politics though especially with the GOP leadership debates underway and my basic lack of knowledge about US politics. Though now I can vote here I have made a commitment to immerse myself and try to make an informed decision at the polling booth.  Anyway until then let’s stick with something a little more trite like clothes and boots!

My shopping habits are those of a tremendously brand loyal consumer, or put another way an addict who can’t say no to a particular brand. So it’s time to lay it out on the table and confess to the the ridiculous number of items that are stashed in my closet. I’ll post on each of these brands in no particular order of preference.

#1 addiction is to Frye boots.  I only purchased my first pair about 4 years ago but now I have – **deep breath** – 11 pairs of boots and 1 pair of sandals.  I don’t even want to calculate how much that is in dollars.  I’ve always loved boots – especially being a Brit where you can wear them 11 months of the year, and since discovering Frye I relish the joy of a great quality pair of leather boots.  I wear them with jeans, leggings and skirts – in fact one of my favorite looks is a knee length simple black dress with my fawn Carson pull ons or my Sabrinas in sunrise.

My first pair was a pair of the ubiquitous Carson pull ons in smoke – and I still love how versatile this color is.  I think my favorite pair are my Jane tall cuff in black – next on my wish list are these in burnished brown. They are really tall (I never wear them cuffed) and feel very sexy with skinny jeans – great for a night out, only it’s a good job that MM is understanding as he has to pull them off for me every time I wear them – so maybe not the best footwear to wear if you’ve just started dating someone **wink,wink**;)

Okay so now to list them for you (I’m cringing now – it feels like a confessional :0)…again evidence that I rarely buy an item in a single color.

Carson pull ons Smoke and Fawn

Shirley OTK Taupe and Black

Veronica Slouch Black and Brown

Harness Charcoal

Shirley Strappy Black

Jane Tall Cuff Black

Sabrina Clay and Sunrise

Photo shows the need for more boot storage in my closet along with my favorite Jane Tall Cuffs.Frye boots


6 thoughts on “My addictions #1 Frye Boots

  1. Becca Porter

    I have been loving your blog. I am a big Boden fan and it is great to read up about other fans. You just tempted me into finally buying my first pair of Frye boots. I have coveted a pair for years. I got the Carsons in Dark Brown on sale from Zappos!

      1. Matt

        Awwww! Thank you!
        I’m Just so Glad I Made that thread for all of us!
        I just wanted a place where we could share about FRYE’s in the Forum and where we could help each other out with honest opinions!
        It just seems that there is always plenty of threads for CL’s, Jimmy Choo’s, and all the rest of the High end stuff ….
        Which I do have some of them as well….
        (That was Last year’s obsession! But you I wear my FRYE’s 100 times more often!)
        But Lets face it The FRYE’s Are way more Practical for every day wear and will Last a lifetime!
        And Way more comfy to wear!
        (Just try and wear a pair of Gucci or CL’s out Shopping all day! )
        So What would I recommend for your next Pair of FRYE’s???
        I would tell you need to get yourself a pair of the Sarah OTK’s!
        If you find a pair of them on Ebay!
        They are some of the most comfy Boots I Own!
        Also the Carmen’s are super Comfy to wear all day as well! 🙂

        Ohhhh and BTW here is my Blog which is also out of date…
        They are so hard to write but at least it makes a good reference Place for my pictures for you all! 🙂

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