Girls Night

Refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated ready for some Southern fare with an old friend that I haven’t seen in goodness knows how long.  Really wishing I’d decided to get a cab as I’m in the mood for a couple of glasses of wine but to be honest I can do with out the wine calories right now!

Tonight’s ensemble is all Boden – Sixties dress, piped shoe boots, scarf and JohnnieB leather jacket. The boots and the dress keep coming back into clearance and I have all 3 colors in the boots and also have the cream Sixties dress.  For some reason I always buy in multiple colorways from Boden when I find a style I love. Oh and that’s Tennyson’s rear end – we adopted him from Atlanta Boxer Rescue back in October – I LOVE him, he follows me around like my shadow.

Boden outfit


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