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Man’s best friend

The 26th August was National Dog Day – a day to celebrate and encourage adoption of dogs everywhere. Since we have been in Atlanta we have adopted 4 boxers. Tennyson is our only dog right now and we adopted him almost 3 years ago. The kids have been asking for more dogs for some time, and since Rosie passed away I know Tennyson has missed a friend. So in our usual crazy, impulsive fashion we have decided to adopt not just one more, but two more boxers. We’re not sure which exact dogs Stanley and Stella are yet – the names are picked but not the dogs! We have two coming to stay with us this week and fingers crossed all will get along and they will stay for the long haul! Wish us luck!

In the meantime we celebrated Tennyson this week with lots of love and kisses!

Tennyson Tennyson 2 Tennyson 1Sneakers – Converse // Shorts – Mango (old – similar here) // T-shirt – J.Crew (old – similar here)

Thursday was chaotic – the school had a power cut so I ended up having an impromptu shopping trip with Poppy before heading for a haircut. Poppy as ever ended up returning home with something new – new Sam Edelman Pettys in the Labor Day sale – like mother, like daughter! They are lovely with a glitter heel and great for her to wear with jeans or skirts.

Girls Pettt


I wore my favorite Ancient Greeks for the day.

Mango top

Sandals – Ancient Greeks // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – Mango (old – similar here)

Chadd did an amazing job as ever on my hair. I went for the undercut again so I can pretend I am super cool and trendy for my blogger party next weekend in NYC at the start of Fashion Week. I may have acquired a new dress to wear too – but you’ll have to wait and see!


Jumpsuit – New Look from ASOS // Flip flops – Havaianas // Lips – NARS Cruella

Now I’m off to host a sleep over for the kids and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing Labor weekend before we are overwhelmed with dogs 🙂



A weekend tinged with sadness.

We adopted Rosie, our Boxer, back in 2001, and we’re guessing she was about 2 years old then.  So we knew the chances of her seeing it into 2014 would be slim – we knew she was slowing down.  On Friday morning, given some symptoms and tests, the vet advised it was her time, so with heavy hearts we said farewell to her.  The end of an era.  Rosie was one of the few constants in our lives over the past 12 years, she was gentle and loyal and we loved her so much.  RIP Rosie xx

Rosie when we adopted here – she had no hair on her back bless her but it all grew back:



Rosie with MM – living the dream with a t-top Camaro (2002):



On one of our adventures in North Carolina:



The children were sad but quite pragmatic so we aimed to keep the weekend as normal as possible.  Yesterday we headed out to the mall and then to their favorite BBQ joint for a treat.  We talked about angels, old dogs and puppies, and now they seem quite at peace with the outcome.  We still have Tennyson here, and Poppy has requested that when we get our next girl dog that she has a tail – so we’re moving on…

It was a gorgeous day so I decided to go full on with the spring attire:)

IMG_5756 IMG_5765 IMG_5767



Trousers – Zara // Jacket – Zara // T-shirt – Gap // Sneakers – Isabel Marant Bobbys


Last night was date night so we toasted Rosie before eating.

IMG_3759 IMG_3761




Trousers – Zara // Jacket – Zara // T-Shirt – Express (old) // Shoes – DSW // Cuff – Tiffany (MM bought me this Xmas of 2001 and I’ve no idea why I wear it so rarely!)

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Remove brain and relax.

Now I am a sucker for reality t.v. – all the Housewives franchises and anything else that is on Bravo, I love HGTV and of course now I am hooked on American Idol again.  Gosh writing that sentence felt like part of a rehab program – I’m cringing reading it back!  Last night American Idol had their last episode covering the first round of auditions – normally the most excruciating to watch, as I hate it when they show the crappy singers for the purposes of ‘good t.v.’ – but you know what – I think I ‘appreciate’ Steven Tyler a little more each time I see him – that’s so wrong isn’t it?  It has to be said that on a Thursday evening (my ‘Friday’) there is nothing more relaxing than curling up on the sofa with Tennyson, one of our boxers, sipping a glass of vino, removing my brain and watching American Idol.


Tennyson, my love bug.

Friday is the first day of my weekend.  I must say if I were President (not feasible – and not only because I wasn’t born here) I would make a 4 day week mandatory.  Probably not great for the deficit or GDP – but it would be great for morale.  Working that 1 day less a week has had a huge impact on my personal happiness.  Oh, I should mention that school would absolutely remain a 5 day week – otherwise my 4 day week might not be so great!  These days my Fridays are spent procrastinating a little longer with Matt Lauer and my coffee, indulging in a long shower and taking my time deciding what to wear, then I normally run some fun errands around town like Target and Trade Joe’s, followed by a long lunch.  Even after the school bus has arrived I manage to fit in a nice short workout while my daughter does swim team.  When spring and summer come around I like to skip the errands and head off on my bike for a good ride while everyone else is off the roads and I can’t wait to get in the saddle more often again.  Mondays to Thursdays allow me to use my intellect and enjoy adult company in the office, then my ‘free’ Fridays provide some ‘me’ time, ultimately meaning that I enjoy the ‘family’ time more at the weekend.  I feel very fortunate – and sane most of the time thanks to this schedule.

So today, before heading to Trader Joe’s to sort out some food for Superbowl Sunday, I picked out my Boden straightleg wool capris, a fairly old but hardly worn Marks & Spencer Per Una pink sweater, last year’s Boden cropped washed leather jacket, Tory Burch black patent Eddies and a necklace from H&M.  Even though it is my ‘day off’ I still like to make a bit of an effort every time I head out of the house.  The wool capris keep popping back into stock in the clearance and I think they are well worth the $38.  They fit a little higher in the rise than I would ideally like but I find them very comfortable and flattering.

Boden straightleg wool crops, Per Una sweater, Boden leather jacket, Tory Burch Eddies

This week has been busy at work for both of us so tonight MM and I are having a lovely home cooked Thai curry.  I love Friday evenings when we can just put some music on, enjoy a glass of wine and cook together.  Let’s hope the children cooperate!

Girls Night

Refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated ready for some Southern fare with an old friend that I haven’t seen in goodness knows how long.  Really wishing I’d decided to get a cab as I’m in the mood for a couple of glasses of wine but to be honest I can do with out the wine calories right now!

Tonight’s ensemble is all Boden – Sixties dress, piped shoe boots, scarf and JohnnieB leather jacket. The boots and the dress keep coming back into clearance and I have all 3 colors in the boots and also have the cream Sixties dress.  For some reason I always buy in multiple colorways from Boden when I find a style I love. Oh and that’s Tennyson’s rear end – we adopted him from Atlanta Boxer Rescue back in October – I LOVE him, he follows me around like my shadow.

Boden outfit