“Generally really cool and smart”

Well the play date yesterday was fabulous.  We had a riot – it was so much fun.  My friend has 3 boys, the eldest is my daughter’s age and her middle boy is at daycare with my son.  The weather wasn’t great but I was prepared (unusual for me!).  I had bought a disposable, plastic, party tablecloth to avoid substantial mess, and let them loose with the paints, stickers and sequins – they loved it!  Then they watch Roald Dahl’s The BFG while the Moms enjoyed a glass of sauvignon blanc – very civilized:)  It’s so nice and refreshing being in the company of someone that ‘gets me’.  There are some real over achievers in Atlanta when it comes to parenting and I am not one of them.  I don’t have the craft room, the hand sanitizer, nor do we recite our times tables in French every day.  I am a regular Mom that sometimes barely gets through the day – so to spend some time with another Mom who has some of the same anxieties about parenting as I do is lovely and we ameliorate each other’s irrational concerns.   She is also stunning, hilarious and great company and much fun was had by all.

Today I woke with a sniffle and scratchy throat bleeeuuugh.  I’m sure the Atlanta weather is helping the germs breed – it is so warm and yet damp – lovely.  So I had to postpone my lunch with a friend that I was really looking forward to – but it turns out this was a good thing as I then got a call from school that my daughter was in the Nurse’s room.  After a moment of panic it turns out all was well and she had bumped her head playing.  The nurse said she’d be fine to stay at school but when I spoke with her she was very weepy.  So it being a Friday and all, I went to collect her, then we called at our favorite take away place for lunch and we’ve just eaten an obscene amount of chocolate cake between us.  I love having her home when it is just the two of us.

Fortunately the nurse called after I had colored my hair.  It could have been quite messy had she called an hour earlier while I was standing naked in the bathroom covered in hair dye – the things we do for the sake of beauty/vanity.  In the summer I tend to go to the salon to get my hair colored as when it comes to summer highlights it’s far easier and less likely to result in a dyeing disaster.  In the winter when I opt for a single color it is less time consuming and certainly cheaper to do it myself.  I tried a new home kit this time to try to reduce the mess – Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Foam in medium ash brown.  The product is great to use – I love the non drip foam but all I can say is I’m quite glad I didn’t opt for a darker tone – this has gone REALLY dark – not sure the ‘medium’ adjective is entirely accurate.  Fortunately MM prefers me as a dark brunette and I like the Urban Dictionary’s definition.

Given I feel a bit sorry for myself today I decided to wear something cosy yet cheerful.  I’m wearing my aqua stripy Boden jumper that I snatched up in the sale before Christmas.  These jumpers were REALLY popular and sold out very quickly.  I vacillated for a long time, as I thought they were too similar to my Breton tunics from last year, and I missed out initially, but the aqua and rose came into stock in the sale and I swooped and scored again.  Today’s Revas are a pair I’ve had a couple of years and probably wear more than any others – they are “Mouse” which is a lovely neutral grey and goes with anything.  I keep waiting for them to do this color again so I can replace these as the soles are getting thin…

Boden stripy jumper

Now I’m looking forward to a very lazy evening with MM in front of a movie – it feels like it has been a long, busy week.  Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on ““Generally really cool and smart”

  1. Sinead

    Loving your blog Jo. Your playmate post reminded me of a book I’m reading at the moment called ‘French children don’t throw food’, she talks a little about those over achiever anglophone parents.

    Also, I recently tried the same hair dye an found it souch darker than expected!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Sinead – so glad you are enjoying it – a bit better than a FB status for keeping a journal and letting friends and family around the World know what we are up to:) xx


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