Today I was mostly wearing…

I headed to the gym this morning the first time for a while – it was lovely and quiet at 7.30am and I managed to kill myself on the treadmill for 30mins.  As much as I love running outdoors I can’t abide the treadmill but with impending rain here today I thought it was a safer bet.  To keep me in the ‘zone’ I returned to my youth and cranked up the volume of some club classics including the The Collaboration “Do It Properly”.  Danny Rampling is a bargain on iTunes!

Knowing I was heading out for lunch with a friend I wanted to wear something comfortable and fun so I opted for my new Boden Mariner jumper, Hudson Collin jeans, Boden biker jacket from SS 2011, and my Tory Burch red Revas for a pop of color.  It was fun drying my hair today – it must have taken only a minute – I love it!

Boden jacket, Mariner jumper, Revas


2 thoughts on “Today I was mostly wearing…

  1. dinagideon

    Okay, my question for you is: How in the heck did you manage to not be sweltering? Did the jacket come off later? It was so warm here in VA, I imagine it was warm in Atlanta too!

    Beyond that, I LOVE the pop of color with the shoes. It all looks awesome! 🙂 And the sweater is darling under the jacket…

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It was warmer but not too warm and it cooled down later when the rain arrived:) It’s odd when it is warmer I still end up layering as I’m going from air con to air con, from the car to the house to a restaurant…the jumper is cotton too so just a nice layering piece…thanks for the complements:) xx


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