‘What is it you actually do?’

Phew!  How do single parents do it?  I still maintain that they and SAHM/Ds have the hardest job in the world.  Yes, parenting can be rewarding, but as we all know there is no ‘off’ switch.  MM left for a full day of business in NYC today so I have been solo parenting from breakfast this morning, till he returns late tonight.  It goes without saying that I love my children dearly, but I get anxiety when I know he’s not going to be around to help.  I think it’s because I am so spoiled by a partner who is so hands on when it comes to sharing tasks around the home, including parenting.  Maybe it’s because we both work – but he has never been one to divide chores based on stereotypes.  In fact he loads and unloads the dishwasher daily, does most of the children’s laundry, prepares their breakfast along with my morning coffee…crumbs, I daren’t list any other tasks he does routinely, without any mention of it, as it really does beg the question ‘what do I actually do?’!  It is probably a good thing he disappears for the odd business trip a year otherwise I might start thinking everyone has it as easy as I do.

We rarely eat out during the week, but as Daddy is away till late tonight and my daughter has no school tomorrow (long weekend due to President’s Day on Monday) we headed off for some fried chicken and then ended up at their favorite frozen yoghurt stop Yogurtland.  It doesn’t hurt that Mommy loves it too and a little cheesecake flavored yoghurt with white chocolate drops never hurt anyone, right?

So now we’re home and I am left to wrestle them to bed and deal with the cries of ‘I want Daddy’ when I’m pretty sure they’d want me just as much if I wasn’t here (or am I kidding myself?).  Maybe I’ll leave them to fall asleep in front of a few episodes of Clifford the Big Red Dog

I’m not sure how I am going to fill 4 whole days with entertainment for the children, especially if the weather stays as grim as it has been.  I may have to line up a couple of play dates and let them run riot in the YMCA.  One thing is for sure, I’ll be ready for my cocktail come Saturday night:)


2 thoughts on “‘What is it you actually do?’

  1. Eva

    Wow! You really seem to have the perfect husband!
    I love Stefan but I guess artists have to have a certain ego. Although I must admit that he is a great cook. But loading or unloading the dishwasher?? No way!!! He doesn’t even know where that thing is!

    And don’t you worry with the kids. In no time they will be older and easier to keep up with.
    From what I can see from here (ok, pretty far away) you seem to do a great job! They are sooo cute!!!

    Gosh, I would kill for that cheesecake frozen yoghurt!

  2. DeeDee

    You really are blessed with a great hubby. Mine tends to occupy himself with ‘manly’ tasks such as sorting out the boiler, repairing broken stuff, taking the bins out, shovelling the driveway after snow. Thing is these aren’t really everyday tasks so he can pretty much have days or even weeks when he doesn’t do much (except for the bins.)
    On the other hand I do most of the cooking (he sometimes makes breakfast the odd Saturday morning), all the laundry (no ironing- I have a cleaner who also irons), I generally tidy the house, make the beds, sort out the kids rooms, do the school and nursey run, etc.
    If I ask him to help with the laundry he moans about it saying he doesn’t ask my help with repairs etc. He also moans about taking the bins out. He certainly does not bring me tea in bed.
    Oftentimes I feel as if I married a big baby..


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