The day after…

I did it!! Not the best time ever but under 2hrs 30 which became my goal half way round as the temperatures soared and the hills of Atlanta took their toll – 2hrs 28mins was my finishing time – a little disappointed but this is far outweighed by the elation and euphoria of finishing my second half.  I was literally in tears as I crossed the line I was so happy and excited to finish.  The crowd really carried me home for that last half mile.  It was so incredible to see the top marathon finishers finishing along side us – it certainly puts into perspective how fast and what amazing runners they are!  Speaking of marathoners I must congratulate my blogger friend who finished her first full marathon yesterday!!

The atmosphere was brilliant and the organizers did a fabulous job from start to finish.  My heart was pumping to the disco beats thudding from the speakers as we waited anxiously in our corrals.  Then at 7am we were off – of course the start is always a tad slower when there are 15,000 other runners with you.  I barely noticed the first 3 miles but it was strange to be running in the dark.  I knew I was a bit slower than normal so tried to up my pace a little.  I started to feel those brutal hills and at one point at about 6miles I thought I was done for as I felt my left knee start to tighten.  Of course in those circumstances all you start to think about is the niggle, which ultimately makes the niggle worse.  I pulled up momentarily to hit the ‘reset’ button and make sure I was okay to continue.  Once I started running again it felt fine and I found my stride again.  The problem is once you have stopped once, mentally the challenge is up and it’s easy to stop again.  Non the less once when I was running I felt fairly strong and tried to focus on my form.  I really believe I think too much when I’m running on my own.  I’m much happier when distracted by good conversation and company so I am recruiting more running buddies – look out:)

I’m now planning to try and run about 5 a year.  There is the ZOOMA Atlanta women’s half in April, then a welcome break over the summer before the AllState 13.1 in October, the Atlanta Thanksgiving half, the Miami half/full marathon in January, followed by the Georgia half again in March.  Depending on how my training goes over the course of the year and if I can correct my form to eliminate any knee problems I seriously may consider the full in January.  Miami would be a great place for a full – fairly flat plus plenty of opportunity to party afterward!

Before I do any more long runs I really must buy some tops that don’t chafe.  The chafing was exacerbated by the heat but crikey I have some nasty welts around my collar bone and chest and under my arms today from my hot, wet skin rubbing on the seams of the tank I was wearing.  I have trouble finding great tops that are supportive as I prefer a shelf bra – so if you have any favorites please share with me.  I’m looking at the Lululemon ones right now but this Back on Track tank that I like is completely sold out online.

My Finishers Medal:

Finishers medal

My Post Race Reward:

Post-race reward





18 thoughts on “The day after…

  1. Diane

    Congrats I don’t think I could ever do that. Loving your blog , could you please do a post on your key pieces for spring/summer . Thanks


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Of course I can though I certainly don’t tout myself as an authority on fashion just someone who loves clothes:) I’m so glad you enjoy reading my posts!

  2. Running in Mommyland

    Thanks for the shout out! It was an amazing experience and I didn’t cry, but I could now from being so tired and having to manage my kids!!!!

    Love that you had such a great run despite the painful blisters and Re: Lululemon… do you have a store nearby? If not, just keep checking the website, they upload new things on Tuesday. Also, there are two bloggers (lulumum and lululemonaddict) and they always have posts of the new stuff!

    Once you go Lulu it’s hard to go back! 🙂

    p.s. re: the request for you to post your favorites for Spring and Summer, I think that’s a swell idea. You could link up your Pinterest, too in addition to the blog and then post the pictures directly from the blog… I’d like to know what you’ve got your eyes on! I started a mommy clothes page because I feel like I see so many good basics but then I forget where they were . Now everything is going to be in one place! Yay!

    Tweeted you a bit ago about your foot! Hope it feels better soon….

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hey! Tweeted you back:) Not sure about the shoes being too small – they are normally pretty comfy – I always seem to get a blister there on long runs – maybe my style? Husband says I should put some vaseline there to prevent blisters. What socks do you wear? Are they the compression ones? I just wear some Asics wicking ones but maybe I need a change.

      Yes there is a Lululemon here and I saw LOTS of people wearing it yesterday. I went to the store to look on Friday but didn’t buy anything as I was too nervous to run in anything new. I love the feel of their clothes so maybe I need to invest if I am going to do this crazy distance more often…my collar bone looks nasty:( Thanks for the tip on the bloggers!

      Good idea about the Pinterest board – I’m rubbish about remembering Pinterest!

      1. Running in Mommyland

        I always wore a half size bigger shoe, but when I started running long distances I needed to go up a full size. I’ve done pretty well with my MIzunos, but I’m interested in trying the Newton’s because I have some forefoot issues (arthritis in the big toe joint, lovely) and my toes numb up and get really swollen.

        Lululemon is such a weakness for me. At first I liked it because of the design elements, but it really performs really well. I can’t wear any of the bras or tanks because I’m too busty, but I think they look great. Check out those bloggers, they always try things and give advice about sizing.

        I usually use Aquaphor on my feet or any areas that might chafe, but I’ve also used Glide (the stick kind) and it’s pretty good too.

        For socks, I fell in love with Swift Wick and had been wearing them all season, so I was surprised by my toe blister yesterday. BTW, my blister is almost in exactly the same place as yours but a bit higher on the toe. I like my running skirts compression socks and they are made by Swift Wick, too! I have no idea why I blistered yesteday. Wondered if it had something to do with my speed at the start. Too fast, too quickly.

        Don’t you love chatting about running?!!!

        p.s. I want to follow you on Pinterest, so pin away!

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        Definitely going to investigate Swift Wick – I’d looked at Running Skirts and didn’t realize that they made their socks – I love the ones with the hearts on them! I think my problem was just poor preparation – I’m still not totally up to speed with everything I need to consider but with each race it will get better:) I’m hooked now!

        I’m already on Pinterest are you? I think I am PoppyHugh on there…

        And yes I love talking about running I just wish I could get better at the running too lol:) I love having friends like you who are in the same boat i.e. parenting and running – I’m so glad I started blogging too!

  3. Sara

    Congrats! I’m a marathoner (15) and Boden lover! I suggest Body Glide or Vaseline for any spots that might rub and chafe. I did 12 miles yesterday and have a nasty sore on my chest from my sports bra- didn’t heed my own advice! 🙂 Check out seamless shirts though- they are so much better. you can actually buy toe guards which work well to prevent blisters. I swear by Smartwool socks all year round. Sounds weird to run in wool but they are amazing! Also, if you’re looking for great fuel during a run, check out Honey Stingers.

  4. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Congrats!! There’s nothing like crossing the finish line. I’m super impressed (and jealous) of your race schedule as I’m currently sidelined so I get to live vicariously through everyone else’s adventures 🙂 I hope that post-half recovery is swift and smooth! I also agree with Martha – it’s very easy to get addicted to Lululemon!

  5. Brad

    Way to go Joanna! Was bummed I couldnt do this one with you… I second the Body Glide motion — godsend to avoid the chafing that results in the yelling/cursing/dancing that happens in the shower post long run in the heat!

  6. jenniferlarsonwrites

    Congratulations! Now you should come to Nashville and run the Country Music half-marathon in April. It’s fabulous. Well, it’s hilly, but still fabulous. Not that I’ve gotten in good enough shape to even consider running it myself!

    (Also, have you tried a Lululemon short sleeve Swifty shirt? Great to run in, dries fast.)


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