A new addiction?

I’ve spent most of the day at home today with my son who has pink eye, though to be honest I think daycare may have misdiagnosed it as the pollen count is so high everyone’s eyes are red and itchy.  Anyway it was lovely working from home again.  Even though I’m now in my comfy sweats nursing my still weary legs (that I’ve slathered in Bengay so I smell funny) I did begin my day in this little number.

I love these dresses and I have several from last season – they are cheap and cheerful Target numbers, even the tank underneath it is Mossimo.  I’ve seen the dresses in store this season too – they fit large, this is a small, and feel a tad synthetic after wearing Boden most of the time, but for dashing about town they are fine especially as I only paid about $20 for them!  I dressed it up with my Frye Carson pull-ons in Fawn, which also meant I was able to hide the war wounds on my feet from Sunday, and keep them lovely and comfy in a pair of socks.  My spot prize for tweeting my #BodenMondays outfit also arrived and I’m wearing it here – it’s a gorgeous necklace, I’m so thrilled with it – thank you again Boden!  I’m wearing it wrapped around double but it is a single strand that goes with everything!

Boden spot prize

Fortunately in this photo the dress also hides my awful chafing wounds.  They look ghastly on my collar bone.  In order to prevent it happening again, after collecting my son from daycare, we headed to Lululemon.  I had heard of the brand and seen the store but never been tempted to purchase as I wasn’t sure it was ‘performance’ or ‘lifestyle’ wear.  But through recommendations from many of my running blogger friends, and also the ubiquity of the brand on Sunday I decided to investigate further.  If you are interested in learning more there are two great blogs that both have Facebook pages too – lulumom.blogspot.com and luluaddict.blogspot.com.  Through a little research I learned the brand is Canadian with Canadian sizing (smaller then the equivalent U.S. sizing), every Monday night new items are uploaded to the website, and Atlanta is very lucky that we have our own store.  Given the new items I spotted on the website this morning I made a very impulsive order online before even trying for size in the store.  I couldn’t resist the cute Pace Setter skirt in heathered indigo and the Back on Track skirt in black which is already out of stock again – so glad I was impulsive!  After inquiring on the Lululemon Facebook page about their recommended running basics I also ordered a cool racerback in heathered aquamarine.  This top had been recommended along with a bra but I didn’t dare order a bra without trying first.  Another example by the way of great social media at work – I had a response on their page so quickly – great personal, customer service – see how easy it is to gain a brand fan?

So the search began for the bra – and that was the real reason for the visit to the store.  Can I first say how much I bloody love a store that accommodates Moms and kids.  I was thrilled that there was a larger changing room available with the capacity for a small daycare classroom, plus there was a large basket of toys in the corner and a bench with pillows – in fact the changing room was almost the size of my first living room in London.  Admittedly my son preferred to play Angry Birds on my iPhone but non the less the attention to detail in the room was noted by both of us.  Hannah, my lovely assistant, guided me through the choice of bras.  I decided to try the Adjust Me Bra instead of the armor plated Ta Ta Tamer and I fell in love with it instantly – so soft, so smooth and so supportive – oh and so cool looking in the aquamarine!  So while I was there and enjoying a practically empty store I made the fatal move of browsing.  I should know by now to never, never browse – once required item has been selected, just walk to the counter, pay and leave store.  Shoot, it didn’t quite happen that way and I walked out with the bra, another cool racerback in heathered blurred grey, a Chase me Tank in black and finally the Chase me Cops in Wee are from Space Black.  I know I needed tops but I couldn’t resist the crops – they are SO snug and supportive – I think they are going to be amazing to run in.  Again they fit small – I normally take small in Nike pants and here I had to go to an 8.  The last lovely surprise was the fab little reusable bag that you walk away with – what a great brand experience – I’d happily use it to carry my lunch in every day!  So another addiction may be starting and for now I’m very excited to have my basic Lululemon wardrobe that I can add to.  I promise to review the items as I put them to the test.

Chase me Crop

What are your favorite Lululemon items?


4 thoughts on “A new addiction?

  1. annewoodman

    I’ve never purchased a Lululemon product, because I usually like to try things on… I end up with Champion from Target or the Nike, Addidas, etc. from our local running store. But we’re getting a Lululemon store! I’m so excited! It is moving into our local mall sometime in the next few months. Let me know how you end up liking your stuff!

  2. Poppy's Style Post author

    I love the Nike pro capris and have always bought the Champion for Target bras before which I still wear and they are such a bargain…it’s nice having ‘special’ work out gear…not sure it’ll improve my performance though lol:) It’s a great store experience though and you will love it, and the great thing is you can now order off the website risk free and return to the store if necessary!

  3. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    I ❤ lululemon. I was a little skeptical at first but their products really perform and are well constructed, not just look good. But it is a bit pricey which limits my purchases which I guess is a good thing because otherwise that's all I would wear! BTW I'm sure you may have noticed but they have a "We made too much" section on their website with items that are marked down. Love the Boden necklace too!

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