Tug o’ War

I bunked off work today to help out at my daughter’s field (sports) day at school.  It was so much fun hanging out with a bunch of 6 year olds.  Poppy doesn’t turn 6 till next month but I’ve recently noticed a huge jump in her maturity and it’s quite amusing to hear her using new vocabulary and intonation in her delivery – it makes it easier for me to visualize what I might be dealing with in 8 years time – terrifying!  I was in charge of the tug of war station and as the eight or so classes of kindergartners rotated through I had to explain the rules and get them excited about using their muscles!  As you can imagine much yelling and encouragement was needed so it turned out to be the perfect event for me:)  And goodness I’ve never met so many ultra competitive kids!

When I returned home I was disappointed and yet relieved to discover that there would be no NYC marathon number for me this year.  My friend Martha at Running in Mommyland, who recently did her first marathon, also didn’t get a number so we have agreed to train together virtually for Miami in January.  It will be my first marathon and I am excited but terrified.  It’s amazing what emotions running can evoke!  I’m hoping to get another couple of friends to commit to so we can make it a long girls’ weekend and party hard after running hard – Miami is the perfect location for it!

This afternoon I made a poor attempt to get some photos of me with the children – of course Hugh would not comply but MM managed to get a couple that vaguely resembled a happy family:)  I’m wearing my Ibiza tunic in quail egg which of course I love, and is thicker than last year’s pool party tunic so can be worn decently away from the pool side.

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3 thoughts on “Tug o’ War

  1. Running in Mommyland

    We are going to do so well, I feel it in my bones! The last time around my friend Theresa at Course to the finish line was a few weeks ahead of me using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan. having her to talk to was priceless!

    By the way…. that Ibiza tunic looks fab. i wanted that colorway, but ended up with a few other pieces instead. 🙂

  2. Theresa

    Can’t wait to follow your training!!
    I want to be able to run it with the both of you, but am putting this attempt to have a family first for awhile, so no marathon for me in January 😦
    I’ll run vicariously with the two of you


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