You just never know who’s reading!

First published on my Husband’s birthday a year ago – Happy Birthday Honey – I barely recognize myself – or my closet!

After another summer of sizzling in the sun (with SPF of course), this morning I headed to my dermatologist for my annual check up.  There I am sitting ‘nekid’ with a sheet around me when in comes my lovely doctor who immediately asks me ‘do you have a blog? I’m sure it’s you on this style blog I’ve been reading!’.  Aaargh – now if I was dressed I’d have no problem saying ‘yes of course it is!’, but at that moment all I could focus on was the huge amount of fluff my socks had left on my sweaty toes – I was not by any means feeling like the writer of a so called ‘style’ blog.  I giggled nervously and tried to be witty by saying ‘of course it’s me – you must have been googling for ultra stylish women over 40’ – ‘don’t be silly’ she replied – well that’s me told.  So hello all in the dermatologist office – thank you for reading and don’t take too much notice of these ‘hangovers’ I refer to occasionally:)

It’s flippin’ cold and windy here though I am not complaining after seeing the state of the North East this morning.  I feel dreadful for all those suffering with flooding and no power.  On a more superficial note I’ve also been thinking about all those runners who are in limbo after months of training – I’m suspecting that the NYC marathon will not take place this weekend as not only can people not get there, but the streets of NYC are apparently filled with cars that ‘floated’ away from their parking spots!

In order to face the cold today, and make stripping off at the doctors easier, I am wearing my Boden leggings and layering with a bordeaux Zara t-shirt and my AllSaints Wasson pullover dress.  All finished off with Frye Veronica Slouch boots, an H&M scarf and Zara quilted leather jacket.  The dress is lovely and lightweight – it wraps over at the back creating a V shaped hemline – it’s really unusual.

Here you can see the detail of the wrap of the dress at the back…:

Now to prepare for this evening’s fun for MM’s birthday!  We’re off out for dinner and I can’t wait:)

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5 thoughts on “You just never know who’s reading!

  1. silverbrogues

    Your hair is so different but the red really suits you:) Those boots are beautiful – I am finally beginning to embrace winter and am now on the hunt for new boots. I always have shoe envy from your wardrobe;)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I loved the red but it was a nightmare to maintain! I was so worried about staining the grout in my new shower!!

  2. Trea

    I actually remember reading this post last year Joanna! You’ve changed a lot in a year, you’re ageing backwards I think!! Love the longer hair more I think especially the colour and I loved your hair like this at the time. Hope you all enjoyed the birthday celebrations!! Xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Trea – I’m definitely enjoying the longer locks – it feels more feminine but I’m still a fan of short hair – it’s just such high maintenance! We ended up with a Chinese at home last night as I am full of a cold:( I’ll make it up to him next week! xx

  3. Andrea

    Love those boots! Its so great to be able to look back at yourself & what you were doing a year ago! Happy BD to your gorgeous man! Hope you feel better soon Darl! Ax


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