Food and Wine.

I refuse to worry about weight gain whilst on vacation – especially when I know I’m starting training for another half marathon on my return.  I might as well enjoy the last few weeks of indulgence hey?  Spanish food is deceptive – small portions of fresh food make you think it’s all good, but there’s lots of fried patatas, fish and meats all washed down with sangria or cava – and well – it’s easy to see it ain’t all that healthy.  But boy it is good.  I can safely say we have eaten better food on this vacation than any other.  Consistently great, fresh food and you don’t feel ripped off when you pay the bill.

Yesterday we ate by the beach in La Heradurra.  A beautiful, old school resort town with no high rises in sight.  The shingle beach is clean and the Med is crystal clear – I could live here forever.  I should mention too that the Spaniards we have encountered are incredibly friendly and also especially accommodating of children – nothing has been too much trouble for them.

IMG_0440 IMG_0430

I forgot a full length photo but I was wearing my fabulous ASOS swing dress (I have this in grey, black and white – the best, most versatile holiday dress ever!), J. Crew bikini and white birkenstocks – the most appropriate footwear I brought with me!

Yesterday evening we grilled steaks and drank red wine whilst reminiscing with Simon and Karin.


Top – Mango // Shorts – J.Crew // Shoes – Birkenstock Chania (best holiday shoes EVER)

Today was market day in Orgiva.  First a few points about Orgiva – I adore it here, BUT if you are looking for a sanitized, white washed setting this is not the place for you.  It is a relaxed, bohemian, new age, accepting-of-all type of place – in fact my piercings feel pretty lacking here:)  There are young, old, Brits, Spanish, travelers and tourists here – you name it, Orgiva has it.  The market was fabulous and we came home with wine, bread, jewelry, harems and roast chickens!

DSC_0681 DSC_0688 DSC_0690 DSC_0695 DSC_0697 DSC_0699 DSC_0700

Simon and Karin leave us tomorrow so we will no doubt be up rather late tonight.  We have another week of bliss before heading home.  I am so lucky to have all this time abroad with the people I love.  My Cava beckons but first I must remind everyone to check out the MiH jeans on Asos – they are MASSIVELY reduced and worth trying with free returns available!

Jane jean




5 thoughts on “Food and Wine.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      MMMM – I am going to miss the food so much – yesterday was paella and sangria – the best! xx

  1. Vicki

    We go to Spain a week tomorrow. Looks fabulous although suspect our resort is a lot more touristy and not as authentic as yours. Have a fabulous time.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I am in love with Spain – even in areas that aren’t resorts the people are so friendly and you really don’t feel too much of an idiot for being a tourist with no Spanish lol!! Have an amazing holiday – we will be back in Spain for sure one day!

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