Jumpsuits – something new and something old

I swear I am getting more and more ruthless with what I order. I haven’t ordered anything recently while bored watching the t.v. – a good sign I think! Whether it is not being bored or not spending I’m pleased! Lighter evenings help – the children are staying up later, everyone is happy and cheerful and I am reading more – all of which is helping my spending habits!

I am also getting far more discerning about what I want to wear – I ask myself more than ‘do I like it?’. I now ask ‘will I enjoy wearing it multiple times?’, ‘will I be bored of it next year?’, ‘does it fit with my style or do I like it because it looks great on someone else?’.

I asked myself all these questions before I ordered this jumpsuit – and it passed the screening criteria. I totally love it – and I smiled as soon as I put it on. I’m wearing a Fr 40. It is 100% cotton and incredibly lightweight so perfect city wear in the summer. It will be coming to NYC with me in June.

Jumpsuit, Isabel Marant, Topshop Jumpsuit, Isabel Marant, TopshopJumpsuit – Étoile Isabel Marant TheOutnet.com // Sandals – TopShop

You may remember this photo of it I shared on Pinterest that first alerted me to it…

MarantThe other day I wore a jumpsuit from Zara from last year. The perfect example of buying something for the sake of it! I bought it in NYC last June and though I love it, it has sat in my closet with the label on for almost a year!

Zara, jumpsuit, Nine WestJumpsuit – Zara (old) // Shoes – Nine West (old)

Finally here’s my outfit from yesterday – I spent all morning running around from vets and Drs appointments!

Golden Goose, J.Crew, ZaraSneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – J.Crew

So come on ‘fess up – how many items do you have sitting in your closet with labels still on them!?


3 thoughts on “Jumpsuits – something new and something old

  1. sue

    Absolutely not telling! I may have a few things but I keep tags on because sometimes I like things too much to spoil them by wearing them.

    And I love your jumpsuit – it’s a little bit different with it being checked. Can I find the perfect one for me? No. Big fat no actually. Only one has fitted so far and it was the khaki Topshop one but I felt too green in it. If it had been navy – I would have ripped the tags off (metaphorically speaking). So maybe they are not for me. Darn these short legs!

  2. In Mamas Wardrobe

    There are a few labels still attached atm which is rare for me but I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can rip the labels off & wear them!! Love your jumpsuits Joanna & that pretty white top! x


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