Memorial weekend outfits!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK and Memorial weekend here. The kids have finished school and we’ve been at the pool most mornings. We watched and enjoyed the Eurovision even though my kids are totally confused by it – and the atlas will be coming out later so they can fully understand why the Georgia that entered is not our Georgia!

We’re about to go for Mexican and it will be my first true test of not drinking. I’ve made a decision that I am going to abstain and I’m really happy about it, but Mexican with no margarita will be odd to say the least – well the first time anyway 😉 Not sure how long it will last – maybe forever, maybe a year, maybe a month – who knows but I feel the benefits already. It really wasn’t doing anything for my state of mind or waistline.

On Wednesday night I was out on a girls night out and had a lovely time but stayed out way too late!

AllSaints dress and Nine West peep toe Glyn bootiesDress – AllSaints // Booties – Nine West Glyn (on sale and 30% off!)

Also I ended up asking for a photo with Dennis Shroder who was enjoying a quiet moment with a hookah pipe outside a bar. Poor guy – a) I didn’t know who he was at first – but he was obviously a famous dude given the possé of chicks and guys around him, and b) the Hawks had just lost so he probably really did just want to be alone!

Dennis Shroder Hawks basketball

On Thursday my lovely husband took me out for lunch to celebrate the last week of school – long lunches are a thing of the past when the kids are at home – it’ll be picnics at the pool instead!

Zara topTop – Zara // Jeans – Diesel Fayza (massively discounted here) // Booties – Nine West Glynn (yes I have multiple colors – so easy to walk in even with a 3″ heel!)

Finally today and I’m just about to walk out the door for enchiladas – which I’ve sort of earned after a jog with the dogs!

Shorts Clogs – Lotta // Shorts – J.Crew (30% off with code WEEKEND – these are a 29″ and they are so comfy with lots of stretch) // Tunic – J.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with code WEEKEND)

Enjoy the long weekend!!


6 thoughts on “Memorial weekend outfits!

  1. Martina Walsh

    I decided to give up alcohol, it was wine for me, it was the only alcohol I drank. I said I would do a month, that was April 2014 & I have not looked back since, nor have I drank any other alcohol. My stomach, which even at my slimmest was never as flat as it is now. No bloating. My energy levels are great, I am fresher, especially at the weekends. I was fed up with feeling crappy, my tolerance just got lower & lower. I’m probably more boring to some people but the amazing thing to me is I just do not miss it. Good luck with your abstinence, however long it may be, it can only be a good thing.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment – it is so supportive. I regret not making the decision earlier but I guess I wasn’t ready to. I finally hit that wall where enough is enough. I’m excited about getting all 5 senses working in tip top condition again! Didn’t miss the margarita at all and no need for that afternoon nap! Xxx

  2. Diane

    Hi Joanne,
    I haven’t commented on your blog but am still an avid follower. I felt compelled to comment after this post (I follow you on Instagram as well). I understand your perspective about alcohol. It is so acceptable to have a daily drink these days, and the effects it has on our well being are immense. I love a glass of red wine, but I find that the day after (even after just one glass), I feel rough, and am grumpy and irritable and sometimes just very down. I really hope that you feel the benefits of not drinking. I think sometimes we worry that we won’t be quite so good company when we haven’t had a drink. But I think I can safely say (after reading your blog and how you come across) that you needn’t worry about that. You’re one lovely lady missus.
    Take care
    Diane xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Diane I love hearing from you! I already feel so much better thank you. I’ve always loved a social drink but my ‘socialness’ was becoming more and more frequent! It is easier to quit something when you are older – at least for me – as I know I am doing it for me and really don’t care what others think. Plus my husband doesn’t really drink these days so that makes it so much easier for both of us! Thank you again for your lovely kind words xxx


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