Sales alert – Golden Goose!

Golden Goose are on sale here. There are some gorgeous styles included in the sale and ship globally with DDP in the US – a huge bonus! They are so much cheaper than buying here in the US. This glitter pair are $603 at Nordstrom – just $233 via (part of YOOX) or £207 in the UK.

Glitter Golden Goose


3 thoughts on “Sales alert – Golden Goose!

  1. Vickey

    Love Golden Goose, tempted by some white hi tops in the Matches sale!

    Can I ask – The navy check Isabel Marant jumpsuit you wore a while ago, is it see through? It doesn’t look like it on you, but on other pics e.g. the outnet, I can see the models underwear, like its more of a beach cover up fabric? thanks 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Vickey! I’ve been tempted by so many of them – it’s hard to stop – I have a GG problem I think! As for the jumpsuit it is quite sheer – very light weight and a teeny tiny bit see through – but I wear black underwear with it and don’t feel exposed at all – it’s fabulous for the city in the summer.


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