My first few days in the UK!

I’m so excited that I am starting blogging! I’ve now been in the UK for 5 days – the weather has not been great but is slowly improving.

The other day we went for a long walk. Hugh and I were not very prepared for the colder, damper climate. I wore a Zara jumpsuit which I bought with my Mom in New York. I love this jumpsuit as it makes me feel summery. I love the pattern and colors on it. It’s now available in the sale at just $29.99!

DSC_0667Yesterday we went to Blackpool in search of the sun, and we found it! Once again I wore a Zara jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits because they are versatile, and they feel summery even when you need long trousers. The only problem is it takes longer to go to the restroom! This jumpsuit is now on sale at $25.99!

DSC_0783 DSC_0787Today I was planning on going to Manchester with my Mom. However, I changed my mind and decided to stay home and play with my cousin, Alice. It was a beautiful day and I decided to wear a summer dress from Zara. I love wearing this dress with or without the belt. I am wearing Avarcas Pons sandals which fit lovely and don’t fall off my feet. They have no seams or stitching so don’t rub my feet.



7 thoughts on “My first few days in the UK!

  1. Diane

    Absolutely brilliant post. I loved hearing Poppys opinions and explanations of her style. Look forward to more of her posts.

  2. Sue

    You’re a natural Poppy. Love your first blog post. I’ve yet to find a jumpsuit for me but I think they work brilliantly on you. And what fab pics of you by the sea.

  3. Vicki

    Brilliant first post. My daughter is the same age and has similar taste in clothes so she has enjoyed reading your post and now has the jumpsuit in her online basket!

  4. meagan

    Poppy is adorable indeed!

    Definitely worth a plug in my opinion are these guys:

    Toughest thing in my opinion to find for my 9yr old daughter is good quality underwear that bridges the gap between playfulness and functionality (most brands go to pieces after a few weeks)

    Thanks for the good post and check those guys out – especially given the euro at the moment

    M x


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