Now 50% off at Mango – I’m all about the sunglasses!

Thank goodness Mango announced their 50% off everything today! I was so close to hitting the order button last night but decided to sleep on it! Sometimes taking a breath pays off!

So what was I after? Well I have long ago told you about my obsession with sunglasses. I wear them everyday – summer through winter. Jack Nicholson once famously said “With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” I guess I have a similar philosophy!

Each year I treat myself to an expensive pair of sunglasses – I am fortunate that, touch wood, I haven’t lost or broken any yet. This year I spent more than $300 on my Oliver Peoples Ria glasses that I adore. However, I also love fun and funky sunglasses. For these ‘trendier’ pieces I prefer not to pay so much. I was desperately looking for some fab cat eye sunglasses – a shape that I rarely wear – normally I go for large rounder glasses – like the Ria or traditional aviators. I had seen a few in TopShop and H&M but to be fair you really get what you pay for which is not much – cheap plastic frames with lenses that are marked and smeared form the numerous people trying them in store. Unfortunately I was less than impressed with them in real life. Then whilst in Mango I spotted these beauties. (UK here and US here).

mixed sunglasses

Mango sunglassesThey are acetate frames and so comfortable – I also love the fact that they are black but with tortoiseshell arms – I never know which to buy normally! Now everything at Mango is 50% off as of today and I have been scanning their online selection to maybe add more to my collection. Here are my picks!

I absolutely love this classic tortoiseshell cat eye – so feminine. (UK here and US here).

ts cateyeI love the frames on this slightly heavier pair – the color and pattern is perfect for a brunette or blonde. (UK here and US here).

tortoishellI fell in love with the Prada 06rs round glasses but really didn’t want to spend $300 on another pair of sunglasses this year – these fit the bill nicely (UK here and US here).

round tsThis red pair are super fun – just LOVE them. So fab for on the beach on vacation. Here in the UK and here in the US.

red cateyeAnother great fun pair for vacation – classy but with a little eccentric twist.  

patterned red cateye

These remind me of my Warby Parker Banks only for a 1/5 of the price. (UK here and US here).

heavy black cateyeThese are possibly my favorite and they are very Prada-esque – a classic black cat eye. (UK here and US here).

cat eye blackAs are these – another great tribute to the Prada 06rs.

black roundHere’s another twist on the cat eye with metal detailing – again I can only find these on the UK site here.

black cateyeSo which are your favorites? At 50% off they are all great for $20 or less! Especially given they are acetate and so comfortable – they really look like they are a much higher price point. My only gripe is that mine didn’t come with a glasses case – why not? How can you care for glasses without a case? Looks like I’ll have to buy a few soft cases off!



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