Buffavento, Salamis and Vuni

As usual, we have in no way eased ourselves into our vacation here. We have already climbed mountains, visited numerous beaches and walked through ruins.

On Monday we climbed to one of the three castles that sit along the mountain ridge in Northern Cyprus. We started with the highest of the three – Buffavento. It is quite a feat of engineering that they even managed to build a castle on this craggy mountain top. The drive up there alone is pretty traumatizing! The walk to the very top took us about 30 minutes of climbing step after step after step. My glutes and calves are still hating me for it. Once up there it was well and truly worth it. We were sitting above the clouds with the most amazing views. As you can see in this photo – Poppy may choose to differ…

BuffaventoThat evening we rewarded ourselves with a fabulous dinner. I wore a simple off the shoulder dress from ASOS. It is great for throwing on when you don’t necessarily want to deal with a waistband 😉 It is pretty short – but not indecently so for vacation – at home I may think twice. It is available in 4 colors and is now on sale at just $21.50! If the length bothers you there is a very similar romper here, also on sale, that provides a little more modesty!

Hugh and I black dress Black dress restaurantDress – ASOS // Sandals – Ancient Greeks (available discounted here)

On Tuesday we headed to Salamis – an amazing ruined city near Famagusta. My husband used to play here as a child so Poppy and Hugh always refer to it as ‘Daddy’s playground’. Right next to the ruins is one of the best beaches I’ve ever been to with perfectly clear, turquoise, shallow, sandy water. It is also home to one of our favorite restaurants and I indulged in grilled fresh fish. Eating clean is pretty easy here!


Yesterday we headed to Vuni – on the Western border of the North and South of the island. Vuni palace ruins are perched again on the the top of a hill – you need to be pretty ok with heights and single track roads here! These are incredible ruins and as usual we were the only people there. The great thing about Salamis and Vuni is that you can actually walk through the ruins and touch – imagining who lived here in years gone by.

DSC_0001 DSC_0006 DSC_0979 DSC_1001 DSC_1011

For the trip I wore something cool and the Alexa Chung for AG denim dress got it’s first outing.

Alexa Chung 1

Dress – Alexa Chung for AG Honey Ruffle dress (similar here far cheaper and here) // Sunglasses – Mango (50% off in sale) // Hat – Accessorize

As for today – we are having a day of rest and we will mostly be doing this…

bikiniBikini – J.Crew

pool fun


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