Don’t shop in the US right now if you’re traveling to Europe!

A while ago I wrote a post that had actually been requested by quite a few readers – What to buy in the UK vs. he USA. Sitting on the loooonnnngg flight home yesterday I thought it was time to update you all in case you are planning a trip from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

I think there is still a common misconception that the USA is much cheaper than the UK. Right now it isn’t! A pound will currently only buy approx. 1.4 dollars. Two years ago it would buy about 1.75, and even last year it was around 1.6. When you remember to add the approx. 8% sales tax to the US sticker prices, on top of the current exchange rate, it means that several, in fact many items are much cheaper in the UK!

Take for example my incredibly indulgent purchase in Selfridges on Friday. A Givenchy Pandora bag. In the US it retails for $1950 + 8% sales tax. In the UK it is £1155 – approx. $1625 – significantly cheaper!

Cosmetics are also cheaper – admittedly many of they high street brands that I buy are British – such as Nip + Fab and Soap and Glory. As Boots always seem to do a 3 for 2 deal or some sort of discounting make sure you stock up there and not here in the USA. Having said that it is still the case that many high end cosmetics are cheaper in the US – a Mac lipstick is $16 here and at least £16 in the UK.

High street brands are much cheaper in the UK. A pair of jeans cost me £29.99 in Zara – the same pair here is $49.99 + the sales tax (sales tax varies state to state, and even county to county here).

So while there is so much uncertainty about the UK Brexit I would encourage you to do more sight seeing than shopping on your trip to NYC! Your pounds aren’t going to buy you many dollars!

I’m back in the office today – albeit very jet lagged. After a 9 hour flight yesterday (highly recommend all 3 films I watched – The Big Short, Black Mass and Carol) I went straight to the polling station to cast my vote. I still get tremendously excited about the privilege of voting with my new citizenship. My lovely Husband treated me to a huge Thai takeaway and I hugged my children tightly. It’s lovely to go away, but it’s really lovely to come home, especially when the sun is shining and the blossom is blooming!

Hill and Friends bagBag – Hill & Friends (won in an Instagram competition with Sue!) // Jeans – H&M (on sale!) // Shoes – ASOS (20% off certain items now) // Top – AllSaints // Coat – Zara (old)


1 thought on “Don’t shop in the US right now if you’re traveling to Europe!

  1. Vicki

    I only buy stuff we can’t get in the uk. My daughter loves American girl dolls which cost a fortune to ship over basically doubling the price. So we stock up on those. And some American brands for the teens such as Abercrombie and hollister are cheaper. It is definitely about buying what you can’t buy here rather than saving money now though.


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