New in at Mango

Following on from my last post regarding pink/blush (not nude – more on that later) shoes I’ve also discovered this jacket that is fabulous. It’s new in at Mango. It’s not real leather but the color is gorgeous – especially for wearing with blue denim. I know many of you are suffering with rubbish weather in the UK so maybe this will cheer you up – a new ‘summer’ jacket.

Mango jacket pink

It seems using the term ‘nude’ to describe a color can be interpreted as being racist. Apologies if any one else other than the commentator was offended! I shall refrain from using the term ‘nude’ – though I doubt my skin color ever reflects the pink often described as ‘nude’! I wonder if Louboutin is referring to his new range of flesh colored shoes for all as ‘nude’?

Still not wearing much more than the bikini but we’re off out tonight so may have another outfit post to share later!

I’m loving my Gap dresses this vacation! These fit larger than normal and I am in a medium – just so light and airy to wear!

Gap and Castaner shoesDressGap (extra 35% off sale price in US with code EXTRA) // Shoes – Castañer


2 thoughts on “New in at Mango

  1. Jamie's mum

    I’m sorry – how is nude racist? Especially when referring to the colour of clothing (and a key trend)??? How fucking stupid. Does that mean we should refer to black clothing from now on as “darkly hued” or very very dark grey? Give me strength.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks for your comment – I do get rather upset when I know I have inadvertently offended someone!xx


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