Could your skin be better?

I am a self proclaimed product junkie. Or I was. Let me explain. I have bought everything – you name a brand I have tried it – everything from drugstore own brands to Charlotte Tilbury, La Mer and Perricone MD. Nothing has changed my skin dramatically.

Now I don’t have terrible skin – but I’ve smoked, I’ve drunk more wine than I should and I’m 45 – gravity is not my friend. Oh and I have baked in the sun WAY too much over the years. This has all resulted in what I thought was skin that really couldn’t be improved too much except with medical intervention like needles and tucks. I’ve done botox and fillers – but quite honestly I would much rather spend my money on clothes than injections every 3-6 months.

My friend Trish then introduced me to Rodan + Fields. I’d never heard of them before. Trish sent me a few before and after photos of consultants and customers who had used it and, full disclosure, I was so impressed with what I saw that I invested in the company and became a consultant without having even tried the products!

I have been using the Reverse regimen in the morning and the AMP roller, eye cream, lip serum and night serum in the evening (all the product packages contain 2-3 month of product). After 2 weeks the improvement in tone, firmness, brightness, of my skin is remarkable. Consistent use of these products has improved my skin more than I ever imagined a product could.

You can see from these photos – no filter – same time of day and no make up that

  • under my eye is firmer
  • my scar under my lip is disappearing
  • the skin under my chin is firmer
  • the age spots around my eye are fading
  • the sun freckles on my forehead and cheek are fading
  • my lips are smoother
  • best of all my skin looks healthier, pores are smaller and I have a glow!

My girlfriend actually said I looked like I had lost 10lbs off my face – well the scales unfortunately don’t agree but I’ll take it!

Rodan + Fields

Now the brand is only available through consultants like myself – but if you are interested in trying the products for yourself then don’t hesitate to contact me via or just sign up as a preferred customer, risk free, to receive 10% discount, free shipping and a full 60 day guaranteed refund if you don’t love the products.

Sorry to those outside the US and Canada hopefully we’ll be available to you soon! Australia is coming in the next few months!

Back with more style and fashion tomorrow!



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