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Hi all and thanks for reading.  I wanted to do a little introduction before I start posting.  I am a British transplant living in Atlanta since 2000 – I moved here with my Husband for an adventure, thinking we’d only be here a year – and well 2 cars, a house, 2 dogs and 2 children later it looks like we are here to stay now we have our little blue passports!

This blog will evolve over time I’m sure. I decided to start writing as I have been plunged into the depths of Social Media for the past couple of years and given my addictive personality I am rarely away from Facebook or Twitter so My Man (MM) suggested that I start blogging.

I love fashion and I’m happily vain enough to take copious photos of myself; I try to stay healthy by running and cycling though I do love my wine too; and I love visiting the many fabulous restaurants and bars here in Atlanta.

A couple of years ago, after having both my children, I rediscovered my style mojo after losing a huge amount of weight gained before and during my pregnancies (I’m sure I will write more regarding this transformation later and post some humiliating photos).  This weight loss contributed to my new obsession with clothes – as I said I have an addictive personality and replaced one addiction with another.  I plan to post photos of what I like to wear – not because I am an authority on style by any means, but deciding what I am going to wear/buy takes up a lot of my waking hours – plus I have had some great feedback on various FB pages where I have already shared my outfits of the day:)

Anyway – I am thankful to anyone that stops here to see what banal things I’ve been up to – I’ll try and keep it fresh, fun and fabulous – I’m a Leo so there’s rarely a down day in my life!


Photo shows me in the YSL store in NYC on my 40th birthday – wearing AllSaints tee.

YSL store NYC