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The search for the perfect fur gilet.

I didn’t think I wanted a fur gilet last year.  That was until I saw everyone wearing them, by which time here in Atlanta choices were limited.  It’s not really cold enough here for fur until December, by which time everything is sold out!  I started to fall in love with them once I realized their versatility.  I love the idea of layering one over a denim jacket, or under a trench for extra warmth.  I did end up buying one from Target and I like it – sort of – but the shoulders still are a bit too statement for me – I feel too 80s, or too military, or just too daft in it.  This year I am on the hunt for the perfect neutral gilet, and I’ve seen a couple.  The one I REALLY want is the one I just bought for Poppy.  It is adorable and I had to prise it off her this morning telling her 70 degree heat was no weather for leopard print gilets.

Zara leopard print gilet

I also snook this in the order for her – it is gorgeous – not so much a coat as described on the Zara site – more of a long coatigan.  I am sorely tempted to try both in the largest size just in case I can squeeze in them – doubtful with Zara though!  She did wear this today – much like her Mom she can’t wait for Fall clothes!

Zara cardigan

I have found a coat similar to this that I love – the Mango blended wool coat.  I’m confused by the sizing though and not sure why it only goes to a Medium on the US site – it’s supposed to be oversize so is a Small really a Medium?  Regardless maybe I’ll try it:)

Leopard print wool belnd coat

Oh and I digress further – I am smitten with this puffer from Mango – a blazer – I love how they have styled it – again I think it would be fabulous layered over or under other outerwear.

Padded blazer

Okay back to fur gilets.  There are several that have caught my eye including these from Next – and they do ship in the US via FedEx just use the Next US site here – perfect!.

Next black gilet Next Leopard print

I’ve ordered the Boden JohnnieB gilet to see how the largest size fits.  It hasn’t arrived yet and I’m not convinced by the collar but I will model as soon as it drops on my door mat.


Here are some others that caught my eye – I particularly love the Mint Velvet gilet and the Asos version.  Which is your favorite?  Where should I continue my search?


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