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Run fast for your mother.

This weekend ended in a far more relaxed fashion than it started.  I wasn’t going to share until I’d done the deed, but I struggle keeping things to myself, so I’ll tell you now that I have entered another half marathon.  As part of my training I headed out on my first 10 mile run for some time on Friday morning.  I started off feeling pretty chipper, it was a warm sunny morning and my confidence was high.  At mile 7 though I thought I might die.  Mile 7 unfortunately coincides with a mammoth hill, and in the warm sun, with aching legs, my mind, not my body, gave up and I started to walk.  How humiliating…At the top of the hill I did manage to get going again and ran, with the odd walk, back home.  I felt like I was out for hours but my time actually wasn’t too bad, though I did feel a little demoralized that I’d had to walk.  I rested on Saturday and then summoned the motivation to head out yesterday again.  I couldn’t believe how great I felt!  I ran 6 miles easily and felt like a Kenyan marathon runner on the last couple of miles.  Maybe this training malarkey really does work?  I’ll probably attempt another 10 miles this Friday now my confidence has been bolstered a little.  It’s a shame the compression socks don’t make you run faster, though my calves didn’t ache a bit over the weekend so they must do some good.

Florence was my musical inspiration in those last few yards yesterday – ‘Dog Days Are Over’ has to be one of the most perfect running tunes, I felt like I was flying to the beat of those drums.

Saturday began with a lot of cheering for my son.  It was his first swimming lesson after a couple of previously failed attempts when he flatly refused to get in the pool.  So as you can imagine I was a little nervous about how it was going to go this time.  Fortunately with his sister around and a friend from school he was gently persuaded to give it ago.  I basically legged it as soon as he was distracted and thankfully he didn’t bat an eyelid – success!  For a post swimming reward we all headed to Goldberg‘s for fully loaded bagels.  Even though my body shape tones and changes, I’m still convinced I gain weight the more I run, I am always hungry! I’ve sworn off the scales until after the race…that might change tonight though when my new Boden bikinis arrive and need to be tried on.

MM and I were planning a date night on Saturday, unfortunately this weekend was his turn to be sick so we had to postpone.  No bad thing really given I still felt weary from Friday.  It was fun to curl up on the sofa and catch up on some episodes of Dexter with a delicious glass of Malbec.

I’ve a feeling this week is going to be a little stressful.  It’s my son’s birthday party this Saturday and although on paper there doesn’t appear to be too much to do I know I’ll still be running around cleaning all week.  I love hosting parties but question my sanity every time we do it as I end up cleaning for hours before and after the event.

I didn’t post any photos this weekend as I have to be honest with you I spent all weekend in sweats, I even went to Target in my running gear which I normally wouldn’t even consider, but bear with my until this half is over and done with:)  Today in an attempt to feel a little more put together I’ve opted for my Boden Everyday Jersey Tunic in coal giant leopard (currently in Clearance at only $34!), Boden Cashmere Wrap (now sold out), and my Boden piped shoe boots.

Boden Everyday Tunic

I’ve even opted for a little black head band, following the lead of the gorgeous Michelle Williams at the Golden Globes this year, whose pixie cut always looks amazing with or without a headband.  Mine is a little less obvious due to my dark hair but I’m praying headbands will help me through the dark days of growing my hair longer, though I am already questioning that decision.


At last night’s Oscars Michelle was by far and away top of my ‘best dressed list’  in this fabulous Louis Vuitton tiered dress and the pink clutch was just genius.  The Telegraph, as ever, has great photo montages of most of the dresses on show last night.


My current choice of nail polish is Essie‘s Navigate Her from their Spring Collection, which in the bottle is a lovely creamy green color, I’m not convinced it suits my skin tone though.  Just a good excuse to pick a different color out tonight.