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There’s a bit of a theme developing here.  Normally my Husband accuses me of channeling the 80s all the time – well not at the moment – I’m all about the 70s.  Remember this photo of Gwen Stefani I shared the other day?

Gwen 1


Well as soon as I saw Asos were offering 20% off over Memorial weekend I snapped up the Bowie t-shirt!  I’m thrilled with it.  I’ve bought more from Asos this season than ever before, and everything has been great quality, with free shipping and returns whats not to love?  Right now they are offering 30% off accessories and shoes and there are some great deals!

IMG_6551 IMG_6539

Shoes – Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers // Skirt – Zara // T-shirt – Asos // Jacket – Zara // Watch – men’s G-shock

Unintentionally my Essie ‘DJ play that song’ nail polish was the perfect match for the t-shirt!


Bowie Collage



While the kids were at camp this morning I snook into the mall.  I know I should never do this – especially when I know the sales are starting soon.  I had been casually admiring this jumpsuit on the Zara site and just assumed that there was not a chance in hell that both the bottom and top half would fit.  The large would be too big in the butt, and the medium too small across the boobs.  Well they had a medium hanging there – new on the rack – so what the hell I tried it!  OMG it was perfect – it’s a lovely crepe material – really light for the summer, and it is much more of a strawberry color than the website pic suggests.  SO 1970s – so Saturday Night Fever – where’s my mirror ball and John?  It’s coming on vacation with me – damn that means I need to bring a pair of heels too!




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…and the bride wore red.

A good friend of mine recently shared a wedding photo of herself.  I know most brides look stunning but Eva stands out as one of the most gorgeous looking brides I’ve ever seen.  Probably several reasons contribute to this – she’s gorgeous anyway, the backdrop was Mustique, and she has her handsome husband by her side – but she also opted to wear a very non-conformist, amazing red dress.

Eva and Stefan:

In an odd coincidence Harper’s Bazaar just posted a piece on red wedding gowns.  I think the Vera Wang one on the left is just divine, and the Spanish inspired dress on the right is Oscar de la Renta.

I’m not planning on getting married ever again (MM will hopefully be pleased to hear) but if I had to do it all over again I’d go for red.

It’s definitely time for some April showers here in Atlanta and that combined with the Arctic blast I receive from our office air conditioning requires long sleeves again.  Yesterday I wore Boden’s SS 2011 long line cardigan, and the AW 2011 crinkle shirt in chilli.  Both were sale bargains and they coordinate perfectly with my Tory Burch Revas in Tory Red.

Today I’ve opted for one of my favorite tunics from this season.  It’s the Chic Spotty tunic in taupe and you can get it at the marked down price of $89.70 right now (originally pricey at $138).  I love how it fits – it’s so comfortable to wear and doesn’t cling at all.  A great way to give your legs an airing!

A new nail polish made it’s debut too last night.  Essie’s A Splash of Grenadine – it’s a gorgeous light purple and perfect for spring, I think it’s one of my new favorites.

p.s. sorry for the grainy photos – the lighting was poor due to the rainy morning!


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I made it a Boden day.

After vehemently defending Boden and then reading another article rehashing the same story in the Independent yesterday I knew I needed to wear my favorite brand with pride, or smugness if you want to call it that.  To be honest I’m still really confused about why these articles have been written in the first place?  The price of Boden keeps coming into question but this season I have seen many more items than usual sell out sooner so it’s obviously not too expensive for us Boden fans, especially when we use the frequently offered codes.  Of course it would be great to spend less but then isn’t that how a brand becomes ‘masstige‘?  One of my greatest fears is that Boden will become too mainstream, I don’t want everyone buying my favorite clothes, I don’t mind a few of you doing so but please not everyone.

So I showed my support with two lovely Boden ensembles (with a bit of JCrew thrown in).  As I was running errands in the spring sunshine I wore my candy striped long sleeved Breton with my JCrew polka dot shorts and slim Havaianas.  I really love the Bretons they are so soft and I adore the shape of the neck – I definitely plan to purchase a couple more colors this season.

Boden Breton, JCrew shorts

In the evening MM and I were heading out for dinner for the first time in weeks and I wore my Show Stopping tunic for the first time.  This item just demonstrates the value of Boden – I paid $58 for this gorgeous little silk number and I feel fabulous in it.  Unfortunately they are all sold out in the clearance section so thank goodness I got the Fern color too!  I’m also wearing Boden leggings which in my experience are the comfiest, softest, shape keeping leggings I have bought.

Show stopping tunic

My choice of nail polish worked great with both outfits and I’d chosen it before even planning what to wear.  It’s Essie’s Smooth Sailing – a gorgeous blue with a hint of sparkle in it – great for spring.

We went to the Floataway Cafe, which is a sister restaurant of some of the best restaurants in Altanta – Bacchanalia et al.  We had a fabulous time and the food was great – as you can see I refueled after my run with hanger steak, fries and asparagus followed by syrup sponge – delicious.  The only negative bit of the evening was the time it took to get a taxi home.  Atlanta just isn’t designed for people who don’t want to drive.  You practically feel guilty for wanting more than one drink as it becomes such a bind to get home.  I’m convinced there are countless drunk drivers out there on a weekend evening in Atlanta because getting a cab home is so time consuming – it’s sad.  People who choose to get a taxi should be applauded not made to feel like they are putting someone out – surely a restaurant should take care of you and keep you happy while you are waiting in their premises for a cab home?  Not so last night I’m afraid, which unfortunately means it is unlikely we will return for a while as one of us will have to drive, and that sucks on a date night.

As you can see though the food was divine…


My little man turned four yesterday.  Hard to believe it’s four years since I was in L&D and four years on he is still capable of making me scream.  At least 70% of the time though he is cute enough to make me forget the other 30%:)  We had a lovely family dinner at one of our favorite diners where he devoured his body weight in milkshake and chocolate cake.  He then sugar rushed his way through the noisiest set of gifts yet – a monster truck that plays music and does wheelies and a fabulous robot that shuffles around blasting things.  It has to be said he is a very happy four year old.

To be honest today has been one of those shitty days that rarely comes along, thankfully.  One of those days that I pretend has been sent to test me and make me stronger but has actually just made me feel a bit weepy.  It started with a shouting match at work and has ended with crying children at home. I’m obviously now having my first glass of wine for 4 days, which needless to say will probably do nothing to make me feel better.  Hey ho tomorrow’s another day.

I should mention that before I got into the office it was going pretty well – I did my first Jillian Michaels’ workout DVD.  It was suggested after I was looking for some ‘rock hard abs’ on the Boden Facebook page.  After reading all the rave reviews I thought it might be worth a try so off I trekked to Sports Authority to get my hand weights.  After level 1 of the 30 Day Shred I didn’t so much feel shredded as a complete lightweight.  I have no upper body strength and can’t for the life of me do push ups.  I’m also convinced my abs don’t respond when I try and do crunches.  I am, however, determined to continue with it for 30 days to either a) reap the incredible benefits that it promises or b) prove my theory correct that all fitness DVDs are a massive waste of time.

Even my clothing choice today promised a brighter outlook for today.  I love the Boden Must Have Jumper and this is the first outing for the quail egg version worn over 2011’s essential scoopneck tee, with my bargain slate straightleg wool crops bought in the clearance.

Must have jumper

I’m very happy with my nails right now – I used Essie’s Smokin’ Hot and the color is really flattering – a gorgeous grey with purple tones that will look great all year round.

Smokin' Hot

Run fast for your mother.

This weekend ended in a far more relaxed fashion than it started.  I wasn’t going to share until I’d done the deed, but I struggle keeping things to myself, so I’ll tell you now that I have entered another half marathon.  As part of my training I headed out on my first 10 mile run for some time on Friday morning.  I started off feeling pretty chipper, it was a warm sunny morning and my confidence was high.  At mile 7 though I thought I might die.  Mile 7 unfortunately coincides with a mammoth hill, and in the warm sun, with aching legs, my mind, not my body, gave up and I started to walk.  How humiliating…At the top of the hill I did manage to get going again and ran, with the odd walk, back home.  I felt like I was out for hours but my time actually wasn’t too bad, though I did feel a little demoralized that I’d had to walk.  I rested on Saturday and then summoned the motivation to head out yesterday again.  I couldn’t believe how great I felt!  I ran 6 miles easily and felt like a Kenyan marathon runner on the last couple of miles.  Maybe this training malarkey really does work?  I’ll probably attempt another 10 miles this Friday now my confidence has been bolstered a little.  It’s a shame the compression socks don’t make you run faster, though my calves didn’t ache a bit over the weekend so they must do some good.

Florence was my musical inspiration in those last few yards yesterday – ‘Dog Days Are Over’ has to be one of the most perfect running tunes, I felt like I was flying to the beat of those drums.

Saturday began with a lot of cheering for my son.  It was his first swimming lesson after a couple of previously failed attempts when he flatly refused to get in the pool.  So as you can imagine I was a little nervous about how it was going to go this time.  Fortunately with his sister around and a friend from school he was gently persuaded to give it ago.  I basically legged it as soon as he was distracted and thankfully he didn’t bat an eyelid – success!  For a post swimming reward we all headed to Goldberg‘s for fully loaded bagels.  Even though my body shape tones and changes, I’m still convinced I gain weight the more I run, I am always hungry! I’ve sworn off the scales until after the race…that might change tonight though when my new Boden bikinis arrive and need to be tried on.

MM and I were planning a date night on Saturday, unfortunately this weekend was his turn to be sick so we had to postpone.  No bad thing really given I still felt weary from Friday.  It was fun to curl up on the sofa and catch up on some episodes of Dexter with a delicious glass of Malbec.

I’ve a feeling this week is going to be a little stressful.  It’s my son’s birthday party this Saturday and although on paper there doesn’t appear to be too much to do I know I’ll still be running around cleaning all week.  I love hosting parties but question my sanity every time we do it as I end up cleaning for hours before and after the event.

I didn’t post any photos this weekend as I have to be honest with you I spent all weekend in sweats, I even went to Target in my running gear which I normally wouldn’t even consider, but bear with my until this half is over and done with:)  Today in an attempt to feel a little more put together I’ve opted for my Boden Everyday Jersey Tunic in coal giant leopard (currently in Clearance at only $34!), Boden Cashmere Wrap (now sold out), and my Boden piped shoe boots.

Boden Everyday Tunic

I’ve even opted for a little black head band, following the lead of the gorgeous Michelle Williams at the Golden Globes this year, whose pixie cut always looks amazing with or without a headband.  Mine is a little less obvious due to my dark hair but I’m praying headbands will help me through the dark days of growing my hair longer, though I am already questioning that decision.


At last night’s Oscars Michelle was by far and away top of my ‘best dressed list’  in this fabulous Louis Vuitton tiered dress and the pink clutch was just genius.  The Telegraph, as ever, has great photo montages of most of the dresses on show last night.


My current choice of nail polish is Essie‘s Navigate Her from their Spring Collection, which in the bottle is a lovely creamy green color, I’m not convinced it suits my skin tone though.  Just a good excuse to pick a different color out tonight.


Thank you H&M…

It’s 69 degrees in Atlanta today and we’re gripped by Spring fever.  Everyone around me in the office seems to be planning trips somewhere – except for me…I’m getting itchy feet listening to them book their flights and chatter about sunshine, hotels and cocktails.  This time last year I was getting ready to head off to London for a week of fun and frivolity – I think I need to plan another city break with some girlfriends!

Sunday is Superbowl and while I’m not a huge football fan I, like many others, enjoy the partying, the food and the general sense of occasion.  This morning The Today Show gave us a sneak peak of some of the Superbowl commercials that will air and all I can say is thank you H&M I shall be replaying this often on YouTube!

Last night between the parenting and party planning for my son’s birthday, I managed to paint my nails – this time Smokin’ Hot by Essie – a lovely deep purply/grey.

Smokin' Hot

Mr. UPS swung by as well to deliver my new Boden Essential wedges.  I ordered the red and truffle and they are cute, but not only do they fit small, I do think they are a tad pricey for what they are.  I love the suede but I think if I am going to get some wedges I may get the now famous L.K. Bennett Maddox…so off they go back to Boden.  Another influencing factor is that there is a 14 week wait for the next size up – what is going on with Boden’s stock levels this season?

Boden Essential Wedges

The springlike weather influenced my clothes today and I am wearing my Boden Pretty Top, Boden LE sparkle pocket cardigan (which is SO soft – I love it), Hudson Collin jeans and my grey flannel Tory Burch Revas.

Boden Pretty top, Hudson, Tory Burch Revas

See you tomorrow – I’m ready for Friday!