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Oops I did it again.

Today we’ve had the most incredible weather.  I always get so excited in March here as you can really feel the seasons change suddenly as the buds open, the temperature rises and the pollen increases.  I even burned my shins a little sitting in the garden this afternoon, definitely flip flops and bare legs weather, hooray!  I hope it lasts tomorrow as once the clocks have sprung forward I’m off out for my last long run before the half marathon next week.  I feel pretty virtuous today after a 20 minute shred with Jillian Michaels and then a 5 mile mountain climb on the bike in the Y while the kids were having their swimming lessons.  A good thing really as now the Mini Eggs have arrived in Target they’ve become quite a problem for me.  Thankfully I not only had Jillian to motivate me but an awesome workout partner too.

Eye of the Tiger

Poppy has just returned from another fabulous birthday party and she now claims she is a ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ girl…I’m convinced she will actually one day wear black lipstick and worship Siouxsie Sioux – her Dad will be so proud.

As I was leaving the house to take her and her friend to the party I decided it just wasn’t cool to go in my worn out gray sweats so I popped on my lovely reliable Boden Easygoing tunic which is currently on clearance at $49.  I have to say this normally wouldn’t be my style at all but I ordered it on a whim in the sale based on my love of all their tunics and I thought I should at least try this one.  I put it on and it really is the easiest thing to wear.  Worn as a dress, or over leggings or tights, it is so comfortable and I love the pockets.  It does verge on being a ‘smock’ so you definitely have to be careful with how you style it but I am very happy it is in my closet for these early spring days when I want to go bare legged.  I’m wearing it here with my navy Tory Burch Eddies.

Boden Easygoing tunicBoden Easygoing tunic

I painted my nails again last night and opted for Chanel Black Pearl.  It’s a gorgeous greenish metallic black but I have to say given the price of a Chanel polish it comes nowhere close to Essie or Opi for staying power.  I’ve already had two chips to touch up.

Finally, after lusting over it for 3 days, and then being madly frustrated that the AllSaints website was down, I went and ordered the Dissolve dress.  Yes I know it’s long sleeve and we’re heading into summer but I love it so much and it’s just ‘so me’ so yes I went and did it again and hit that ‘place order’ button.  I can’t wait to get it now – and if there is a short sleeve version I’ll probably get that too…;)


My little man turned four yesterday.  Hard to believe it’s four years since I was in L&D and four years on he is still capable of making me scream.  At least 70% of the time though he is cute enough to make me forget the other 30%:)  We had a lovely family dinner at one of our favorite diners where he devoured his body weight in milkshake and chocolate cake.  He then sugar rushed his way through the noisiest set of gifts yet – a monster truck that plays music and does wheelies and a fabulous robot that shuffles around blasting things.  It has to be said he is a very happy four year old.

To be honest today has been one of those shitty days that rarely comes along, thankfully.  One of those days that I pretend has been sent to test me and make me stronger but has actually just made me feel a bit weepy.  It started with a shouting match at work and has ended with crying children at home. I’m obviously now having my first glass of wine for 4 days, which needless to say will probably do nothing to make me feel better.  Hey ho tomorrow’s another day.

I should mention that before I got into the office it was going pretty well – I did my first Jillian Michaels’ workout DVD.  It was suggested after I was looking for some ‘rock hard abs’ on the Boden Facebook page.  After reading all the rave reviews I thought it might be worth a try so off I trekked to Sports Authority to get my hand weights.  After level 1 of the 30 Day Shred I didn’t so much feel shredded as a complete lightweight.  I have no upper body strength and can’t for the life of me do push ups.  I’m also convinced my abs don’t respond when I try and do crunches.  I am, however, determined to continue with it for 30 days to either a) reap the incredible benefits that it promises or b) prove my theory correct that all fitness DVDs are a massive waste of time.

Even my clothing choice today promised a brighter outlook for today.  I love the Boden Must Have Jumper and this is the first outing for the quail egg version worn over 2011’s essential scoopneck tee, with my bargain slate straightleg wool crops bought in the clearance.

Must have jumper

I’m very happy with my nails right now – I used Essie’s Smokin’ Hot and the color is really flattering – a gorgeous grey with purple tones that will look great all year round.

Smokin' Hot