I made it a Boden day.

After vehemently defending Boden and then reading another article rehashing the same story in the Independent yesterday I knew I needed to wear my favorite brand with pride, or smugness if you want to call it that.  To be honest I’m still really confused about why these articles have been written in the first place?  The price of Boden keeps coming into question but this season I have seen many more items than usual sell out sooner so it’s obviously not too expensive for us Boden fans, especially when we use the frequently offered codes.  Of course it would be great to spend less but then isn’t that how a brand becomes ‘masstige‘?  One of my greatest fears is that Boden will become too mainstream, I don’t want everyone buying my favorite clothes, I don’t mind a few of you doing so but please not everyone.

So I showed my support with two lovely Boden ensembles (with a bit of JCrew thrown in).  As I was running errands in the spring sunshine I wore my candy striped long sleeved Breton with my JCrew polka dot shorts and slim Havaianas.  I really love the Bretons they are so soft and I adore the shape of the neck – I definitely plan to purchase a couple more colors this season.

Boden Breton, JCrew shorts

In the evening MM and I were heading out for dinner for the first time in weeks and I wore my Show Stopping tunic for the first time.  This item just demonstrates the value of Boden – I paid $58 for this gorgeous little silk number and I feel fabulous in it.  Unfortunately they are all sold out in the clearance section so thank goodness I got the Fern color too!  I’m also wearing Boden leggings which in my experience are the comfiest, softest, shape keeping leggings I have bought.

Show stopping tunic

My choice of nail polish worked great with both outfits and I’d chosen it before even planning what to wear.  It’s Essie’s Smooth Sailing – a gorgeous blue with a hint of sparkle in it – great for spring.

We went to the Floataway Cafe, which is a sister restaurant of some of the best restaurants in Altanta – Bacchanalia et al.  We had a fabulous time and the food was great – as you can see I refueled after my run with hanger steak, fries and asparagus followed by syrup sponge – delicious.  The only negative bit of the evening was the time it took to get a taxi home.  Atlanta just isn’t designed for people who don’t want to drive.  You practically feel guilty for wanting more than one drink as it becomes such a bind to get home.  I’m convinced there are countless drunk drivers out there on a weekend evening in Atlanta because getting a cab home is so time consuming – it’s sad.  People who choose to get a taxi should be applauded not made to feel like they are putting someone out – surely a restaurant should take care of you and keep you happy while you are waiting in their premises for a cab home?  Not so last night I’m afraid, which unfortunately means it is unlikely we will return for a while as one of us will have to drive, and that sucks on a date night.

As you can see though the food was divine…


2 thoughts on “I made it a Boden day.

  1. annewoodman

    Yum! I’m getting hungry. Yes, I grew up in Atlanta… very, very difficult for driving, period. Still have a good friend who lives there… so nice when her husband drives us somewhere! No worries. (Love Essie nail polish, too. I have on some right now that’s aqua called something beachy.)

  2. Poppy's Style Post author

    I had no idea you grew up here:) I love it but wish we had better public transport – I guess I was spoiled in London!

    You don’t want to know how many nail polishes I have lol – that’s another of my obsessions:)


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