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Marks & Spencer, an alternative to Zara?

I’m at home taking care of a ‘sick’ daughter. Not sure how sick she is as she has just demolished scrambled eggs and toast. I’ve packed her off to her room to get on with her homework. She might find struggling through a day at school is easier than hanging out at home with Mom!

This ‘blip’ in my day has meant I am still unshowered, sitting in my gym attire – so no photo from me today. However, it has provided me time to have a thorough gander at Marks and Spencer’s new season offerings. And wow am I impressed! Obviously the caveat is that I have only seen the majority if it on their website so that requires a whole lot of creative imagination to avoid being thoroughly put off my their atrocious styling. Oh my eyes…

First up shoes. Yes, yes, yes we all know I love shoes. Kat asked me share how many shoes I’d bought over the summer. I got to about 12 I think and stopped as I was starting to cringe. I may have just ordered 4 more pairs last night from M&S as I KNOW these will sell out. Plus I had my 25% birthday code from them that I HAD to use before the end of the month! Sign up with them to receive yours – it’s valid your entire birthday month. I was going to buy new bras and knickers but how boring is that!?

That Belfast Girl first got me drooling over these on her IG feed last night. Just £35 and a GREAT lower heeled version of my J.Crew shoes that WIT also has.

black lace up

So I’ve also ordered the snakeskin version too. I’ve ordered a 6 as they apparently come up narrow. Though I have these in a 5 1/2 and they fit great so we’ll see! Fingers crossed!

snakeprint lace up

Then Frances shared these on her IG feed (note to self stay clear of IG if you want to save money!). I just adore them. The perfect pointed flat to wear with cropped jeans or black cigarette trousers. They have a definite Louis Vuitton feel to them.

LE pointed flat

So I ordered them in the gray too – knowing for sure they will disappear fast. Unfortunately these only come in whole sizes but for £35 they are worth a punt!

gem grey loaferIf you like the embellishment but prefer a ballet flat how about these?

gem pumpSo what else did I see while filling my cart. Well they have some fabulous looking boots!

These are Autograph with stain away and will be great with jeans or skirts. The ‘foot’ of the shoe looks beautiful with a lovely practical heel

Autograph bootThese are just divine – so on trend and will be perfect with culottes or a denim A-line skirt. They come in black, tan or burgundy – the burgundy is beautiful.

block heeled bootAs for ankle boots you are really spoiled for choice. This Indigo pair is the perfect little western bootie. They come in black too.

suede ankle bootThere’s a beautiful ankle version of the tall boot above. Just gorgeous in berry.

square toe bootOr if you prefer a narrower heel how about these? I am considering the green version after reading Sue’s post the other day. They are LUSH! They also come in navy.

burgundy ankle bootAlways a fan of a shoe boot – these are lovely and ideal for wearing with opaques and dresses. I think I will order these in navy.

shoe bootLastly another couple of flats – the ubiquitous ghillie lace up. A steal at £29.50.

flat gjillieAnd a beautiful elegant pump similar to those that my friend Max was touting on IG. Lovely with cigarette pants for Fall. The navy patent version is gorgeous.

court shoeNow for the new clothes that caught my attention – and this is really where I think the Limited Edition line comes into it’s own. Competing directly with Zara but appealing to those of us who grew up with M&S – and also maybe making moms of teenage girls happier – assuming M&S still delivers on quality and customer service.

This jacket is in my cart. So cool.

bomber jacketThese culottes are so similar to the ones J.Crew have been selling this season, but these are a smidge of the price!

culottesThis dress is lovely and will be perfect paired with the tan knee high boots above! Yay for pockets too!!

denim dressYou’d never know this was M&S – Zara or TopShop maybe. What a gorgeous color – described as peach mix online.

fur giletThis is identical to a blouse that Zara were selling – I think Frances has the Zara version. It’s less than £30!

high neck blouseI just LOVE this cape. It comes in burgundy too – although M&S insist it is ‘dusty pink’!

hooded wrapI always laugh with Frances as I find so many items that would be perfect for her – she doesn’t need style advice but I can show her where to spend her money!

lace dressI’d wear this with a khaki military jacket similar to this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.11.51 AMI want this dress. It will sell out fast like the spotty number from last year.

moon print dressFinally how lovely is this mac? – Lightweight and super stylish.

trenchNow if only M&S could open a store here in Atlanta I’d be a happy girl. In the meantime they do offer free shipping to the US so it seems I may be seeing a lot of my postie this Fall!