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Sexy and I know it.

I’m feeling pretty virtuous today after a trip to the gym at 7.15am.  After a couple of days off it was good to get the legs moving again on the treadmill.  Though I mostly dread the treadmill I do sometimes enjoy cranking the speed up and doing a bit of interval training to see how fast I can go, and how often, before I feel like dieing.  I often wonder how and why some people jog in the gym while trying to read a book or a magazine.  For me the gym is all about pushing as hard as I can and sweating as much as I can – what’s the point otherwise?  After Super Bowl Sunday and seeing LMFAO with Madonna I had downloaded a couple of their singles.  Their tongue in cheek humor appeals to me and I loved running to “Sexy and I Know It” this morning – perfect gym music.  The video comes with a warning though – there are lots of Speedo ‘action’ shots:)

Both children were very excited this morning as they headed off to school in their new New Balance sneakers.  MM is appalled that I am converting them into New Balance fans but I assured him it was purely coincidence and they did actually select their own on Zappos.com.  My son did, however, look a little like he should be heading off to the computer science lab rather than daycare with his Dee Dee Ramone hair cut, New Balance 993s and Mini Boden baggies hiked up above the waist – he may have inherited my nerd genes…

I’m once again trying to wear as much knitwear as possible before the weather warms up for good here.  Another brand which I am obsessed with is AllSaints.  It’s purely coincidence that their flagship store in in Spitalfields where our flat is, but still provides another reason for my loyalty.  I love their knitwear – most pieces drape beautifully, have biased cuts, raw edges and external seams.  Very urban.  We don’t have a standalone store yet in Atlanta but there is a great concession in Bloomingdale’s (ask for Charlie or Alex), and I also buy a lot off their website.  Today I am wearing their Cerulean long black cardigan, a basic black tee from Express, Hudson signature bootcut jeans in Elm wash, and my black Bloomsbury boots from Boden.  A look that is completely at the other end of the spectrum from yesterday’s, and one that probably reflects more of my true style.  I feel comfortable and sexy – what else can a girl ask for on a Wednesday?  Must remember LMFAO is ironic.

AllSaints cardigan, Hudson jeans, Boden boots

I still love Madge

I still can’t believe the Giants won – the team I am rooting for hardly ever wins.  It’s not that I’m a huge Giants fan (Falcons obviously) but I do like to see Tom Brady lose – forgive me all you Patriot fans.  I managed to stay awake long enough to see Madonna in all her glory.  I thought she was amazing and her entry was spectacular – though I do have to remind myself that Madge came first and therefore she can’t be accused of copying Lady Gaga.  Her performance was fabulous with some fun guests and I loved the ‘mash-up’ with LMFAO.  ‘Vogue’ reminds me so much of my university days when I would listen to ‘The Immaculate Collection’ on vinyl over and over again, and I always forget what a brilliant song ‘Like a Prayer’ is.  In fact I’m off to iTunes once this is published to download it.  Oh and I would die for those boots, and of course to look as hot as she did in them at 53.

Madonna Superbowl

So on the most popular day in the U.S. to play hooky I was up bright and early, ready for another Monday – sort of.  My legs are flipping killing me after my long run yesterday so I was in need of my comfy clothes again.  But refusing to wear sweats out of the house I selected my Hudson jeans, Boden Canterbury tunic, Boden long line cardigan from SS 2011, and my Tory Burch musk Eddies.  The tunic is another that I bought early in the AW 2011 season and then returned, only to buy again at a bargain price in the sale.  Along with the multi acorn colorway (shown here) I also bought the coal stencil rose, and both, along with the other colors, are still available in the sale for $34 – you’d be crazy not to take a peak.  They had many mixed reviews, and yes I did have to size up due to the snug fitting empire waist, and it is a little more cleavage than I would show in a corporate environment, but I love them and no one in the office mentioned me flaunting my ‘assets’ – and trust me they would.

Canterbury tunic, long line cardigan


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