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Reproducing a $700 sweater for less than $100!

I absolutely fell in love with this No.21 sweater after seeing Alex wear it for her Red Magazine photoshoot! Unfortunately it has a MAJOR price tag – $695 here at Nordstrom and $462 at MatchesFashion.com (thank goodness for UK delivery to the US!).Alex Nordstrom N0 21

I was really debating ordering it from Matches as I couldn’t shake it from my mind – you know how it is. Then I got chatting with Sue. We all know how ‘crafty’ Sue is with her jean patching and hemming etc. Well she reminded me that I have a sewing machine. At least I remember buying one – I’m pretty sure it is collecting dust in my basement! She suggested that I get crafty too – so here is her thrifty solution to the conundrum of throwing money away vs. achieving the same effect for less than $100!

Meet the striped Mango sweater for $69.99


…and here is the ostrich feather trim for $20 from Ebay.com!

festher trim

There’s actually tonnes of different trims to choose from – some are like the above, others are more like boas, and some have fluffier turkey feathers added too – so you can trim it as you please. Maybe black feathers are more up your street?

I’ll let you know how I get on once I’ve re-learned how to thread my machine:) Thank goodness for those home economics classes!…and thank goodness for thrifty friends like Sue!





We’re here!

We have arrived! Unfortunately you would never know it is midsummer here! Bury has not let us down and it is predictably cloudy and damp. Never mind it gives me an excuse to eat warm pasties!



IMG_2905On my arrival I had to chase my MatchesFashion.com package. I had ordered my Golden Goose in the sale before I left, hoping they would be here on my arrival. For some reason they took far longer and it was incredibly frustrating as no one at MatchesFashion.com could tell me what the problem was. Well their customer care supervisor eventually got on the case and they managed to get them shipped to me overnight last night. I totally flippin’ love them – worth the frustrating wait. These are a Eur 39 and they are true to size fitting perfectly.

IMG_2901 IMG_2902

Golden GooseToday we’re having a little family get together. It was to be a BBQ outside but, well, err it’s raining. So this morning we headed to Bolton to get some goodies from M&S food hall. Poppy held her Nanna to her promise of a belated birthday present and came home with this gorgeous outfit. The bonus for Nanna was that all kidswear is currently 20% off. She’s perfecting her ‘blogger pose’ – my work is almost done 😉



If anyone sees the sun please send it up to Bury.