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When I’m Cleaning Windows.

After a great work out yesterday morning, and no emotionally scarred children left in the swimming pool, Saturday turned into a day of ticking chores off my list and having fun.  The weather was just glorious here – as it is today – sunshine all day with clear blue skies.  I decided to get one of my outside chores completed and clean my windows – dull I hear you say? – Well yes – but they haven’t been done in the four years we’ve been in this house, so job done, and I saved $500 on a window cleaner which can now be allocated to my closet;)

I was pretty tired after waving my extendable squeegee around but after a refreshing shower and a glass of white I was ready to head out with friends for dinner.  The six of us went to a very popular restaurant here on the West Side called Miller Union.  The West Side is an area of Atlanta that is being rejuvenated and as far as I am concerned is where some of the best restaurants in the City are located.  I’d been to Miller Union once previously and I was excited for MM to try it.  We were in good company so we had fun but I have to be honest I found the food overpriced and a tad disappointing.  My starter of watercress and blue cheese salad was good, and not easy to to get wrong, but my entree of grouper, though tasty was a bit cold.  I should have sent it back but in my very British, no fuss, manner I ate it – plus we’d had a long wait between courses as they were so busy so I didn’t want another long wait while everyone else ate…Then the bar didn’t have any Amaretto for me – surely every bar stocks Amaretto for those of us that love that sickly, sweet tincture?  I don’t think we’ll be heading back in a hurry, there are better, more reasonably priced restaurants in my opinion.  A shame, as I really like their decor and the patio looks great for Spring.

For my ‘going out’ ensemble I chose the Boden Silk Flower tunic in navy, piped shoe boots, Johnnie B leather jacket and my YSL clutch that was my Anniversary present from MM last year.  I love this tunic and it is in the clearance now – not hugely discounted – but I still ended up buying both the navy and the raisin.  It’s lovely jersey and is really comfortable and the silk flowers are not too brash but add some fun detail.  My only concern is that it is hand wash and I am terrified about how the silk flowers will come out – I don’t want to be ironing petals for an hour…

Silk flower tunicSilk flower tunic, Johnnie B jacket and YSL clutch

Now I’m off to Skype my parents to find out about their cruise to South Africa that they have just returned from – alright for some hey?  Plus, I’ll no doubt find out what they think about their daughter telling all in Poppy’s Style:)