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Football and pulled pork.

This weekend has been crazy – or ‘craaayyy-zee’ as we seem to say in the South.  My children’s schedules seem to be getting out of control.  What with school, sports, birthday parties and play dates I am beginning to see their social calendars dictate my weekend.  This morning we were out of the house at 9.30am to be at Hippo Hop for a party at 10am!  Still it was lots of fun and I caught up with some daycare moms that I hadn’t seen for a while.  Then after a swift lunch my daughter headed off for a play date while I ran 8miles with a friend in the glorious sunshine.  We even saw 3 deer run across in front of us – it was amazing and well worth the aches I’m nursing now.

Needless to say I am thoroughly relieved not to be heading to a Superbowl party for beer and chilli.  While I recover from my run MM is making homemade salsa with his new pestle and mortar (yes I am spoiled) to eat with some delicious pulled pork.  I’m not even sure I will make it to half time but at least I will sleep well.

Go Giants!

My ‘throw on’ outfit today as I hurriedly got ready was my favorite AllSaints Portland jumper, Gap boyfriend jeans, and Tory Burch musk Eddies, accessorized with my fabulous orange Casio G-Shock watch – comfy casual – just how I like my Sundays.  Sorry no photo available of my even more comfortable current attire of Adidas bright pink sweats, tee and Ugg slippers🙂

AllSaints Portland jumper, Gap jeans, Tory Burch Eddies

Boden Spring Preview

Well I am shattered again today – my little boy is still home sick though on the mend – but the sleepless nights are taking their toll…Anyway while I’m working from home I might as well try my new Boden Spring Preview items on that arrived yesterday!  For some reason these were all shipped from the UK so arrived after my orders placed only the other week but in no hurry for them as they are all tunics to be worn when the sun is shining here.

One item has been returned and sorry I already sent it back so no photo – the Uptown tunic in Moss was really disappointing – very murky green and didn’t feel worth the price tag.

I LOVE the Ibiza tunic – it is styled just like the Pool Party tunic from last year but I think the fabric is a bit thicker and the quail egg color is yummy.

Ibiza tunic

I ordered all 4 prints of the Notch Neck tunic as I’ve had similar linen tunics before from Boden and they have always been my staple go to item in the summer but there wasn’t a version of this last year so snapped up these in case there isn’t one next year! For those of you that have had them before they normally have a piece of elastic across the back for a little give and movement – many people didn’t like it as they thought it made the tunic less dressy so this year there isn’t one. I personally preferred it with the elastic as it made it more comfortable and much easier to fasten the side zip over the empire line seam.  I really struggle to get the zip all the way up on these so MM will be required for assistance – it’s not that there isn’t enough fabric it’s just that the zip is really stubborn going over the seam. My favorite print is the silver riviera and I’ve just looked on the site and there is a 16 week wait for the sunflower country garden!!

Notch Neck tunic multi rivieraNotch Neck tunic Sea Blue Country GardenNotch Neck tunic silver rivieraNotch Neck tunic sunflower country garden

Chic Spotty tunic in taupe is lovely too – just realized that in my sleepy state I have forgotten to photograph this one – if you are between sizes size down it’s generous – but has a lovely silky feel to it – a beautiful knit.

As for today it requires something comfy and snuggly but with a bit of bling to cheer up the dreary day here in Atlanta, so I have my old Gap jeans, an old H&M tee, Boden LE sparkle pocket pink cardigan (a clearance bargain), and Ugg Ansley slippers which I live in in the winter.

Comfy FridayUgg Ansley Slippers