London, February 2013?

So it started well yesterday!  A morning in the Y with the family and I ran and swam and didn’t succumb to Chick-fil-A for lunch!  My son very kindly cooperated too, and after a little hesitation he seemed quite happy to be in the water.  I just hope he doesn’t expect the full family there with him in class on Saturday!

I always struggle with a Monday Holiday – in fact we all struggled to make it out to the bus stop in time this morning.  I keep having to remind myself that this is Tuesday and I have to cram 4 days of work into 3…losing that day can make a big difference…I did still, however, somehow manage to find time over lunch to peruse The Telegraph‘s images from London Fashion Week.  It’s one of those months where I’d give anything to be back in London for a week or so, what with the excitement of LFW and The Brits airing tonight – maybe next year?  After being back there last February I think there is something rather fun about being bundled up in a cosy coat on the streets of London, and getting away from it all before spring fever hits.  In fact I actually prefer London in the winter and I have fond memories of walking in the damp, dark evenings from The City back to Whitechapel after work, with the city bustling around me.  Rose tinted spectacles I know.

In a combined effort to try a new look and to try and be more frugal this year I’m contemplating growing my hair.  I have always gone from long to short and back and I’ve had my hair short now for almost 4 years.  Growing it out though is a hideous process especially with the waves in my hair that create a giant bouffant as soon as it gets to about 4 inches long.  Plus MM and most of my family prefer it short so I am worried that in a moment of weakness I may just head back to the salon.  My current style requires cutting every 5 weeks and at $95 a pop, including tip, that could pay for a trip back to London next February:)  Maybe I should do it the old fashioned way and put my money in a tin every month so I can see how much I’m saving and don’t go spending it on Tory Burch shoes instead?

It’s time for a bit of color today and a reason wear my newest pair of Eddies given how well they go with my 2009 (?) Boden fun tank.  The sun is promising to come out and I am encouraging it with a few Spring wardrobe selections, let’s see if it works.  I’ve kept my Boden leather blazer on just in case.  I love this jacket in dark brown – the leather is so soft, and the cut is a little longer than last year’s – it’s currently out of stock in clearance but you can always stalk:)

Fun tank, Boden leather blazer, Eddies


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