St. Andrews – The Other Guys

This was shared with me by @Annglophile on Twitter – thanks so much for doing so I love it!  It’s a charity single by The Other Guys – a male a capella group at the University of St. Andrews.  We used to wear the red gowns as undergraduates for certain events – I remember them being a bit like a dog blanket.

It’s all go for St. Andrews right now – they are celebrating their 600th anniversary and in honor of this Sir Sean Connery (an honorary graduate) and the Principal, Louise Richardson, are ringing the NY Stock Exchange bell tomorrow!

The University is currently celebrating its 600th Anniversary spanning three calendar years from 2011 to 2013. The Anniversary marks the formal charter granted by Bishop Henry Wardlaw in February 1411 and the achievement of full university status conferred by Pope Benedict XIII by Papal Bull in 1413.

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