Boo hoo.

A disappointing start to the day.  I was so excited to go for a run, especially given I will be imbibing all weekend, then as I was brushing my teeth I remembered I have to take my son to the dentist this morning.  An awful process – I leave with my ears ringing every time for he does NOT like the dentist.  I was also looking back on yesterday and the disappointing visit to AllSaints in Bloomingdale’s.  Disappointing as I left with just one item.

I had gone into the store to try the Petrel Brodies – a good job I did.  The lovely Charlie was as ever incredibly helpful and showed me his splendid new sleeve tattoo – if I was 20 years younger would I do it?  I don’t have any tattoos but Charlie’s looks hot – I’d be tempted.  Anyway the pants were SO skinny.  Now I don’t think I have particularly big legs but I needed a shoe horn to get in and out of a 30 inch and I normally wear a 27 in Gap and Hudson!  No vanity sizing here!  I was sweating in the fitting room – I guess it was a good workout in lieu of the run today!  So no Petrel Brodies but I did leave with the gorgeous faded ebony Pipali tank (I’ve ordered the chalk online)…

I tried a couple of other pairs of jeans on but they wear either too skinny in the leg or too big on the waist…or I’m just an odd shape?  I’ll have to keep searching but I’m tempted to try some cropped jeans from either J.Crew or Express, depending if I think the extra $40 is worth it – probably not for a very seasonal item.

Today I am wearing my AllSaints Tilly tee from last summer, Gap camo print legging jeans from last year, Nine West shoe boots that I haven’t worn FOREVER and found lurking in a box at the bottom of the closet – it was like opening a new pair – I was so happy to see them!



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6 thoughts on “Boo hoo.

  1. Running in Mommyland

    That’s it. An All Saints purchase is happening! You look great! p.s. 27 in Hudson and Gap! Goodness girliie… you DO NOT need J.C. with a wittle waist like that! 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Lol I am an odd shape – no waist and no hips so a bigger size is too big in the butt – I have no glutes which is unfortunate for a runner! I still have a muffin top so I have a couple more lbs to lose up top! I can’t wait to hear what you order!

  2. dinagideon

    Ooh, I must say I really am enjoying your all saints pieces. They are a lot like Madewell, a bit edgy, a bit hipster, and definitely can take any stylish mom to another level. I will keep my eyes on these reviews, maybe I will try a piece or two in the future.

    I went to the dentist today. I adore my dentist, great man, easy to get along with, but yeah, I only know him this well because of the sheer number of hours I spend in his chair in his office. If he had bad breath or a mean personality, I would so be your son, complaining to whomever would listen. LOL. I don’t mean to say that your dentist is not super wonderful, but I get his feelings. 😉

  3. tamsynrose

    Great feedback on those jeans, I was inspired by your highlighting often jeans to order the black and pink. But I’m built the complete opposite, small waist and full thighs and butt..I’m typically a size 4-6 (cut dependent) and size 28..but I have to pick my jeans brand or I have ‘gappage’ issues with the waist. It sounds like the Brodie’s might follow that pattern. How feasible would ordering a 29 & altering the waist be? At $130 , it’s still not a bad price for some ‘leather look’ coolness. You have seen them up close, are they fixable?

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are fabulous and I wanted the ebony and pink – still gutted that they didn’t work. There’s very little stretch in them due to the shine I guess and the 29 I couldn’t even get up over my butt – which I have little of. They really do seem to be made for sticks – anyone that isn’t Giselle or 13 may struggle with them:) I’m sure you could alter the waist or just wear a cool belt – I would probably try a 30 too though as they really are teeny! I just bought some size 4 crops from Express so I am completely confused by sizing now! Of course you can order a couple of sizes online and get free shipping – I’ve shopped with them online before and it works out great. Sorry I can’t be of any more help – I really hope they work for you as they are SO cute!


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