Tweed with spots.

I was out and about yesterday volunteering at the school.  I got to read to the class – it’s quite intense – a group of 6 and 7 year olds is really a tough audience to please!  Then I spent 2 hours stapling – yes I feel like I have a repetitive strain injury.  It was fun though and interesting to have a peek into their world for a couple of hours, though schools still make the hairs on my neck stand up – I equate them with hospitals for fear factor.  Odd considering how long I spent in academic institutions!

This week I’m trying to wear my winter coats and jackets as often as I can as this cold snap won’t last forever.  Today it’s the turn of the Boden tweed jacket from AW 2011.  I love the pink and green combo of this jacket and the quality is outstanding.  It was a fabulous sale bargain – one of the rare times that I held out for the sales!  The shirt and scarf are also Boden from 2011 – the Limited Edition sassy stitch blouse is one that rarely gets worn as it is silk and I hate paying for dry cleaning!  I’ve decided it’s tragic to keep it hanging in the closet unworn.  The jeans are the Hudsons and of course the boots are the Pistols in mocha.  I just took a look and it appears has a bunch of new stock as most sizes are now available.  Taking a day off from the gym today – I can barely raise my arms to get dressed – so the glasses are on, the Oliver Peoples Wacks in blue havana matte.





Thanks for all your book recommendations – much appreciated!

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5 thoughts on “Tweed with spots.

  1. School Gate Style

    Oh I love this outfit! Would never have thought the spotty scarf would work so well with the jacket. Well done on your volunteering – I\m like you with the schools/hospitals thing.. 🙂 Avril x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I quite like mixing my patterns – as long as the color runs through both:) I really do have a sore forearm today from stapling!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I don’t think I could justify it lol! They are worth every penny in my eyes though – the leather is fabulous and they are a perfect height.

  2. Martha Merrill Wills

    OOOOh those Pistols! Love those! By the way, this post reminds me of a pinner I follow who posted a whole bunch of photos recently of a tweedy parade (or something) in England. It was just fantastic!


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