Knitted jackets.

It’s hard to shop in Bury and Bolton.  Nothing to do with the stores or the towns themselves – in fact both have been greatly improved, though it is a little sad to see more and more empty store fronts.  Does everyone go to the Trafford Center these days?  Maybe we need help from Mary Portas?  Don’t get me started about Bury Market.  It used to be the destination for food – pies, vegetables, deli meats and of course black pudding.  Now it seems to specialize in tat.

Anyway back to why it’s hard to shop.  It is bloody freezing here (though sun was seen today).  It makes it impossible to imagine anywhere being too warm for a jacket, or furry boots for that matter.  instead of lusting after bright colored shorts and skirts I have been drawn to woolly knits, big coats and scarves.  I have to keep reminding myself that these items won’t get worn in Atlanta till Christmas – plus they’re not packing friendly.

On a couple of instances though I have managed to persuade myself that it may get worn through Spring – maybe even in the air conditioned office in the Summer.  Hence I may be found guilty of the following purchases.

There is a plethora of knitted biker jackets in the stores.  I love knits and I love biker jackets so guess what – I am like a bear to a honey pot when it comes to these gorgeous things.  The first I spotted was in M&S.  I was generally unimpressed again with M&S – they are trying to be all things to all people – but this cardigan was lovely and jumped right out at me from the racks.  So lovely I got both the cream and the black.  I had to go up a size, but the only review online also says it fits a bit small – especially the arms.

M&S cream MandS black


Mum and I went in River Island yesterday.  I remember vividly when our Chelsea Girl in Bury became a River Island – so it makes me giggle that they are now proudly displaying their ‘year founded’ on the clothing labels – 1988 – seems like only yesterday when I am back here.  I probably haven’t been in one since if I’m honest – and I only went in yesterday for research purposes.  Well of course I saw something I needed.  Now I might not get as much wear out of this until Fall, but the color, the knit and the style made it too perfect to leave behind.  It is lovely and you might see me in it tomorrow if I remember to take photos when I go shopping with my sister.

River Island Jacket


Tips on TARDIS-like packing are warmly welcome.


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9 thoughts on “Knitted jackets.

  1. avenue57

    oh my goodness that River Island jacket is AMAZING – I am going to have to hunt this out – it’s perfect for our Spring/Summer where temps rarely get above 10 degrees!!

    Good luck packing!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Gosh are you not working – I just hit publish!! It is lovely – really thrilled with it – a beautiful blush color!

  2. Pauline McEllin Pichoff

    River Island – that takes me back, I too remember when the Chelsea Girl turned into the much more sophisticated River Island!!! My first ever job was a 2 week Xmas job in Chelsea Girl when I was 17…….it solidified in my mind that I would never ever work retail again!!! The following year it turning into the River Island:-) Glad you’re enjoying your trip back home – my parents arrive in a couple of weeks so I’m busy compiling my shopping list for them!!

  3. The Flaky Fashionista

    I don’t remember Chelsea Girl, but I do remember Mirror Mirror! Now I feel old … 😦
    Happy packing … or should that be, good luck with the packing, lol! Love the M&S cardi/biker in cream by the way. Ticks all the psoriasis boxes!

  4. Fiona G

    I love the M&S jacket and look forward to seeing you style – their way doesn’t do it justice!

    Unfortunately I haven’t cracked the packing yet! Last summer I decided to leave all my running gear at my sisters (needed the space for some new shoes) then this January I left another set at my mum’s (this time needed space for some lovely new clothes)!

    Happy packing!

  5. Iona

    Hope you’re enjoying your trip!!love the river island jacket-it’s lush!!you got me all nostalgic talking about chelsea girl-takes me right back in time!!enjoy the rest of your hols,and good luck packing!xx

  6. Sue

    I remember when Chelsea Girl changed over to River Island – I didn’t like it. I’m still not overly sold on it now but it’s still on my online checklist of shops to have a look at every now and then because you never know when you might come up with something good.

    I think the biker cardi is totally you. Are the sleeves the same colour as your Pistols? In which case – what a bonus!

    Also – I think you need to go and buy a BIGGER case.

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